Academy of Soccer Excellence (ASE) is a youth soccer club in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, Washington. ASE provides the Tri-Cities (Tri Cities) soccer player high levels of competition and training.

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Development Program

The ASE Development Program is designed for girls and boys in the U9-U10 age groups as an alternative to the standard recreational and summer academy programs currently offered in our area.  Our program offers players a competitive playing experience during the summer tournament season, as well as league play during fall and spring season.  This program is founded on the same mission and principles that guide all of our older divisions - with an emphasis on technical player development as well as developing the youth of our community into outstanding young people.  
Director of Coaching and Program Director

January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009
January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009
January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008

January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008


What is the philosophy of the Development Program and what does training look like?
ASE thanks Monrean Multimedia Company for creating this showcase of the ASE Development Program!

At what levels of play do Development teams compete?
Development teams typically compete in the Inland Northwest Copa division of the Puget Sound Premier League (Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho).  Teams are placed in divisions based on their ability.  There are typically ten games in the fall and eight games in the spring league sessions.

When are Development teams formed?

Development teams are typically formed in late May to early June and run until tryouts the following year, but it is important to check the website regularily because ASE could hold a tryout as early as March or any time throughout the year.

How are Development teams formed?

Development teams are formed based on the player's home/school location, past teammates, and an evaluation process conducted by the ASE Training and Coaching Staff. The evaluations are meant to try to maintain equitable teams without having the traditional A, B, C teams.

How do Development teams train and practice?

Development teams are part of the ASE Development Program and train following a player-centric model of guided discovery by allowing the game to be the teacher.  Read more about the unique training environment in the director's open letter to parents:  

Development Program Information.pdf

How much travel is involved with a Development team?

Inland Northwest Copa leagues play games primarily in eastern Washington and western Idaho. Typically there are no overnight stays involved and each fall and spring season has four or five away games.  Often games are combined into a double header in one day to lessen the number of times traveling.  

Development teams are likely to attend one or maybe two tournaments throughout the year which typically require overnight stays.  This is up to the parents and coaches of each team.

What does the yearly calendar look like for Development players?

May: Evaluations
June - August: Training twice per week and attend 1 or 2 regional tournaments
September - October:  Fall season league games on the weekends and training twice during the week
November - February:  Off-season (we recommend participation in ASE Futsal
March - April:  Spring season league games on the weekends and training twice during the week

What are the costs once my child has made a team?

Once your child has made a Development team you must complete your registration payment after paying the initial tryout fee.  There are four additional costs that you can expect to incur;  Player Kit Fees (uniforms, bags, warm-ups), Tournament Fees, Coaches Equipment, Travel Expenses.

Player Kit - Each player is required to purchase the minimum player kit which includes your home and away game jersey, shorts, and socks. Player kit fees are collected shortly after the team is formed. The player kit typically runs about $140 tax. You may also buy ASE warm-ups (and an ASE bag for additional cost).
League Fees - PSPL Inland Copa league fees are currently $75 per team per season (fall and spring).

Tournament Fees - These largely depend on the number, and type, of tournaments that your team chooses to compete in. These fees are difficult to estimate for the year although, typically Development teams compete in one or two tournaments ranging from $350 to $750 each.  These tournaments are chosen based upon the coach with parent input.

Travel Fees - These vary by individual based on many factors.  But you will have to travel occasionally to games and/or tournaments.  You will incur gas, food, lodging expenses if you attend.

Coaches Equipment - Coaches may need some cones, pinnies, nets, or other training equipment to help train your team.  Our coaches are volunteers spend a lot of  time training and preparing, as well as coaching your child.  Team purchase of equipment to be used during the season is a common way to help minimize the coaches expenses.
Note: Teams are encouraged to raise additional funds through team sponsorships and team fundraising. Team sponsorships are divided equally amongst the team to reduce individual player costs. Team fundraising is based upon the amount of players participating in the fundraising. Players may also get individual sponsorships for their portion of the costs.