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 Youth Lacrosse Frequently Asked Questions
What grades can my child play youth lacrosse?
Brookfield Youth Lacrosse fields girls & boys youth lacrosse teams at the following levels:
Bantam - grades 3/4
Junior - grades 5/6
Senior - grades 7/8

We also have a co-ed 1-2 Learn to Play Lacrosse program.  Program Overview

Help!  I know nothing about lacrosse.
Most parents in our area know very little about lacrosse because it is a fairly new sport in our area.  It is the fastest growing sport in America for kids.  If you want to learn more about lacrosse check out this lacrosse for busy parents website.

My child knows nothing about lacrosse, can he still register and play?
Brookfield Lacrosse Association is a member of the Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse Association (MAYLA).  Both BLA and MAYLA are developmental lacrosse associations.  It is not expected that any player at any level has played prior to joining.  

When does the season run?
Youth lacrosse in our area is a spring sport.  Practices typically begin indoors in March and move outdoors in April.  Games begin the end of April.  The season is completed by mid June.
Opportunities to start and play outside of the season can be found by searching for "lacrosse brookfield, wi" on the internet  There are several "for profit" companies that host and run developmental programs and leagues.

How often are practices?
Youth lacrosse practices are twice per week.  Practice typically last 1 hour. 

How often are games?
There are typically 1-2 games per week.  Most games are held on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

Where are games?
Home games are held in Brookfield.  Away games are held within the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

What equipment is needed?

Girls: Lacrosse stick, mouth guard, eye goggles, and cleats

Boys: Lacrosse stick, mouth guard, cleats, helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, and arm pads

Please see these other resources for information on equipment -
Understanding Player Equipment for Boys and Girls: https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/equipment/player-equipment


Equipment Fitting Guide for Boys and Girls: https://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/safety/us-lacrosse-equipment-fit-guide.pdf


Who do I contact with additional questions?
The Girls and Boys Youth Directors can be emailed any additional questions. Please see the contact menu for the current Directors and their email.