* Create a weekly match schedule for member teams to compete.* Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Eastern Massachusetts.* Cultivate and assist additional towns to start youth lacrosse programs.* Train coaches and officials.* Est

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2017 Mass Bay Jamboree Games


          Review the tabs on the left before you get to Devens


The 2017 Jamboree will be held on Saturday & Sunday, June 10 & 11 and Saturday & Sunday, June 17 & 18.


This is the largest Youth Lacrosse Jamboree in the country. We will have 450 teams playing on at least 12 different fields from 8:00 AM in the morning till 6:00 PM at night over two weekends. Each team will have 3 games. There will be lacrosse equipment sales, food and beverage, games, clinics, and much more. It is a not to be missed event. The Jamboree is player Rain or Shine.  If you still wish to register a team you must send an email to 

June 10th & 11th will host all U15 and U13 teams

Please review the posted schedules and if there are any questions/issues/problems send an email to

                                                       June 10th Schedule          June 11th Schedule 


June 17th & 18th will host all U11 and U9 teams

                                                                       June 17th Schedule          June 18th Schedule


  •  If you are bringing a tent for your program please place it anywhere on the perimeter of the fields. Please do not put them in between the fields, it causes problems. thank you for your cooperation!
  • Coaches & Parents - be sure and check the schedules one last time on Friday night before the weekend.
    • Official Jamboree Apparel available on site at Devens or online (click the logo for the store)
    • Coaches, when you check in onsite let the staff know if you want a fourth game, as there are some TBD's or bye's on the schedule which we want to fill at the earliest. With 450 teams there is always something which comes up at the last minute and we try our very best to make sure that those changes do not hurt anyone.