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Welcome to the home page for Belmont Soccer Parents, and thank you for visiting.

On these pages, intended for the parents of current and future BSA players, you will find everything you need to sign up your daughter or son to play for BSA, together with other useful information about the program and facilities.

All the information you may need for the season will be provided either on the website directly, or as downloadable files under the "Downloads" tab in the menu to the left. This information is updated each season, and most of it will be provided in the two weeks leading up to the first game of each season, so if you don't see something you need please check back again soon or use the feedback link to contact us.

We also feel it is very important that parents and players understand that this is a recreational and developmental league. This is not an academy and we are not trying to develop future World Cup stars.

Our coaches are all volunteers with varying degrees of soccer experience. They are helping your kids out, creating a fun, competitive environment for your children to develop as athletes. As a parent, if you feel you can help with your child's development, please volunteer to coach or assist for your team.

BSA has a Code of Conduct that we expect all Parents and players to adhere to,. Please review this so you understand the expectations of playing in our organization.


Parents Code of Conduct

Parents Should:
1. Understand and be supporters of the team philosophy, goals and ground rules.
2. Send your player ready to play, and be prompt at drop off and pick up.
3. Support the team and provide positive encouragement, but not instruction. Let the coach’s
voice be the only voice heard which provides specific direction or game time adjustments.
4. Parents and supporters should watch the game on the opposite side of the field from the teams.
5. Let the players make their own decisions on the field. This is how they learn and improve.
6. Understand, support and follow the zero tolerance policy.
7. Be respectful of referees at all times, many are younger students of the game who are also
8. Refrain from negative conversations about other players, coaches or the league in front of your
9. Foster and be the positive example of good sportsmanship.
10. If you have a complaint or criticism regarding playing time, positions played, or any other
coaching decision related to a game, wait at least 24 hours before raising the subject with the
coach and then address your concern constructively.
11. If you have an idea to improve the team in anyway, consult a team coach or appropriate Board representative of the BSA.


Players Code of Conduct:

Players Should:
1. Understand the team philosophy, goals and ground rules.
2. You are the athlete, prepare your uniform, equipment, water and arrive on time ready to play.
3. You are responsible to fulfill all of your academic requirements prior to soccer events.
4. Be respectful of referees, teammates, opposing players, coaches, parents and fans.
5. Good sportsmanship is always a requirement.
6. Win graciously and lose with dignity and pride knowing you tried your best.
7. Be a responsible representative of your soccer team and town on and off the field.
8. Be a supportive teammate, and give everyone positive support.
9. Listen to your coach’s; they are there to help you learn. Ask questions if you do not understand.
10. Take time to practice, practice and practice on your own.
11. Voluntarily help pick up equipment and clean up after practices and games.
12. Make sure you have fun. If you are not having fun you should share your thoughts with your
parents or one of the coaches.

Players, parents and coaches who do not abide by the code of conduct could be subject to a disciplinary review meeting resulting in corrective action, suspension, removal or replacement.

BSA would like to thank you for your efforts and support of the players and teams. Without everyone working together the opportunity for players to have fun, improve theirs kills and experience competitive soccer at such a high level would not be possible.