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Windham Primary School Playground

Want to help out even more?  Sponsor a piece of the playground!  Playground equipment is designed to provide children with upper body strength and aerobic workouts.  Our playground designs ensure that students of all physical abilities can join in on the fun!

All sponsors will be recognized on a permanent sign at the playground.  Thanks for helping to bring a great play space to our community!

Slides:Double Slide – Two kids can slide side by side!$1,500Double Swoosh Slide – A faster slide, letting two kids race!$1,500Slide Winder – A twisting slide 56” tall!$2,000Cloudburst Triple Slide – Three times the slide for triple fun!$3,000Climbers:Chain Ladder – Helps build upper body strength and balance$700Cliff Climber – Kids can repel up this mini rock wall$1,500Vertical Ladder – Builds kids coordination$500Pod Climber – Multi level fun to help with coordination and depth perception$1,000Wiggle Ladder – Fun way up helping kids with motor planning$600Overhead:Monkey Bars – For kids who love a challenge!$800Ring Bridge - A real challenge as kids cross over using overhead rings!$1,000Trekker Ladder – Monkey bars with a curve and an incline!$1,000Bridges and Ramps:Clattering Bridge – Builds kids sensory skills as they clatter across$5,000Grid Walk – An inclined bridge for kids to move from one area to another$2,000Tunnels:Crawl Tunnel – Join two play areas by crawling through a tunnel$2,000More Fun:Flywheel Spinner – Kids hang on and take a ride together!$2,000Chin Bar – Build upper body strength and confidence!$400Play Seat – A great place to take a break! $300Curved Balance Beam – Help kids build their balance!$600Turning Bar – Build coordination while taking a few flips!$300

These are just some of the possibilities of what our kids can play with when we build a new play ground!  For more information on sponsoring a piece of the playground, contact Michelle Jordan at  </a></a></a>?subject=" title="Click to email this person">