Academy of Soccer Excellence (ASE) is a youth soccer club in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, Washington. ASE provides the Tri-Cities (Tri Cities) soccer player high levels of competition and training.

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Manager's Quick Start Guide

There are many initial steps needed soon after a team is formed.  Below is a summary of these steps.  The ASE Manager's Handbook provides additional detail about a particular aspect of team management.

Manager Registration

ASE Registration
All managers are required to be in our online system. If you have already created an account in this system to register your child to play for the 2017-2018 season, you should be good to go. If your spouse or other family member registered your child, you will need to make sure your personal information is also added to your family account. If you are not in the system at all, please click on the Registration tab and select Edit My Account. The system will guide you through the process.

US Club Registration
All staff must register with US Club Soccer before they coach or manage a team, which includes completing an on-line background check application, and completion of the Sideline Sports Doc online course (apx. 1 hour online course).  Please ensure that everyone on your staff, including the coach, assistant coach, and manager go to the link below to complete the application.  Complete the form in its entirety, read the language at the bottom, click I Agree, and submit. If you bypass any of these steps, the form will not be submitted.
For background check: -> Resources -> Background Screening
Click here to complete the staff background check application.
For Sideline Sports Doc course:
Once this is completed and approved, please let our Registrar ( know and passcards will be ordered for you.  Staff passcards are valid for two years.


Please send an email to all team parents (and players, if age-appropriate) welcoming them to the team.  Announce the initial team meeting date, time, and location. Once the team meeting is complete, send another email recapping information from the meeting including team volunteers, including any remaining open positions, team budget (obtain from the treasurer), tournament dates. As the season progresses, establish regular communication, letting parents know a variety of information, including training and game reminders, and any other info needed.

Initial Team meeting
A team meeting should occur very soon after the team is formed (within 7-10 days if possible). At this meeting, the coach will address team players and parents to convey information regarding practices, playing time, communication protocol, accountability, expected team fees,  possible tournaments, and any additional items depending upon the coach.
Other important items to be covered at initial team meeting:
  1. Take color head shot photos of all players, coaches, and managers.  These will be used for US Club player/staff passcards.   (see US Club Team Registration).
  1. The manager should describe volunteer positions briefly, and ask for volunteers to fill these positions. This is a brief outline of team volunteer positions and responsibilities, in order of necessity.  You may want to ask for more than one volunteer for certain tasks.   

Team volunteers

Manager Organizes the team, obtains and maintains documents, communicates events, and assists coach, as needed.
Treasurer Manages the team finances, budget, bank account and assets. Collects team dues. Reimburses for manager/coach/club-approved, team-incurred expenses. Pay for league and tournament registration, and generate and submit reports to the team, as needed.  (See “Financial Management” below)
Travel Coordinator Communicates with team manager and coach to make all necessary arrangements for overnight accommodations for team.
Fundraising Plan, organize and facilitate activities to raise team funds to offset expenses.
First Aid Procures first aid kit and carries it to every home and away match, and practice. Arranges for alternate kit transportation, if unavailable.
Bench Keeper Procures bench and carries it to every home and away match. Arranges for alternate bench transportation, if unavailable.
Canopy Keeper Procures tent/canopy and carries it to every home and away match. Arranges for alternate tent transportation, if unavailable.
Social Coordinator Plan and organize team events such as meals while at away tournaments, meals after games, volunteering, as team-appropriate
Photographer Publish appropriate team photographs (and possible video) from matches, and tournaments on the team page on website.

At minimum, a treasurer should be selected at the first team meeting.
Talk with both volunteers and let them know what their role entails and that their responsibilities will require immediate action.  The team will probably need to collect some funds as soon as possible to pay for tournament registrations.

Financial Management/Treasurer

The team manager and treasurer should work closely on team finances. Though responsibility for managing team assets is handled by the treasurer, the manager should also stay informed. ASE recommends that both the manager and treasurer have access to online team bank account information, and are each signers on the account, in the event of an emergency, or unforeseen circumstances, and for general accountability. A team treasurer should manage team funds, but a manager should have access.
The first step for the Treasurer is to get set up on an account at Wells Fargo Bank.  All ASE bank accounts must be a sub account of our main ASE account at Wells Fargo.  Please contact ASE Treasurer, Amy Carter ( ) for guidance to set up a new account or to take over an existing account. 
For further detail on the Treasurer role and requirements, please see the “Finance/Treasurer” tab on the ASE home page.



Contact ASE Club Uniform Coordinator, Bill Cox ( with your player list, contact email and player number.   This information will be provided to the representative who will then setup a uniform order page for each player.  Each player will receive and individual order form with their player number preselected and all required kit elements.  This allows players to order and submit payment for their uniform directly with  All uniform orders are shipped directly to each player. 
The Competitive kit is 2 jerseys, 1 pair of shorts and 2 pairs of socks.  Additional items such as warm ups and back packs may be ordered by parents.

Register for US Club Soccer

Your team should already be set up on the US Club website and log-in instructions e-mailed to you.  If this hasn’t been done, please contact the ASE Registrar  ( 
Once you log-in to the US Club website, you will be directed to your team’s page.  Most all the information you will need is under the “Player Management” tab across the top.  The site also has detailed information on almost all topics in the block on the right titled “Members Only” and good help is available under the “Help Page”.
  • From your team page, you will need to upload photos of each of your players.  You can do this by selecting the “details” tab for each player and going down to “upload player photo”.  Once you have selected the photo, make sure to select “Update Player” tab at bottom of the page. 
  • Once you have uploaded all player photos, please let the Registrar( know and they will order player passcards. 
  • Also, please email the Registrar photos of your staff (includes all coaches and manager) so they can be updated in the US Club system and staff passcards ordered. 
Player Passcards
A player or staff is neither officially registered with US Club Soccer nor covered by insurance until issued a current passcard.  Note also, a currently registered staff must be assigned to each team before passcards will be issued. The individuals designated as registrars are the only ones who can request passcards.
1)     When cards are complete they will be e-mailed to you in a .pdf format.
2)     Print the cards onto smooth white card stock.
3)     If the player picture is already on the card, you can laminate now.
4)     If the player picture is not on the card, you’ll need to affix the picture (1”x1.5”) to the card, then laminate.  Note:  the player does not need to sign the card.
5)     Once all of the cards (players plus staff) are laminated, hole-punch the cards and secure on a metal ring.

Tournament Registration

When the team has determined which tournaments the team will enter into attend, Team Managers must make sure that the team is registered for each tournament. Application information is found on each individual tournament website (usually on the hosting club website). The Team Manager will need to work with the Team Treasurer to coordinate tournament registration fee payment. Each tournament application has different requirements including a deadline for application, player info, roster freeze dates, etc. An official club-signed roster is almost always required for verification at the actual tournament - but not usually with the initial application.

PSPL League registration

All ASE teams participate in the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL). Each team must register online for the appropriate PSPL League and Age Group depending upon their level. This must be done in summer for the fall leagues (2017 deadline is June 22) and January for the spring leagues. Go to the PSPL Registration page and you will see what leagues are currently open for registration, their cost, and the registration deadline. Then click on the Registration Instructions links. There are different steps to follow depending on whether or not you are a returning team, your league, etc. All league registration fees must be paid online when registering.
Once you have registered for a league, you will be emailed log-in information and a PIN number.  You will need this log-in information to go on to your team page and manage your team schedule, changes, etc.  It is the team manager’s responsibility to keep the contact information on this team page, including at least one phone number.  There is a lot of flexibility in scheduling and you will likely be communicating with the other coaches/managers; so it is important to have current contact information.

Game Day Procedure 

PSPL requires specific procedures to be followed for every game.  Please visit the “Game Day Procedures” section for detailed information .