Academy of Soccer Excellence (ASE) is a youth soccer club in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, Washington. ASE provides the Tri-Cities (Tri Cities) soccer player high levels of competition and training.

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Game Scheduling Information

PSPL has specific game day procedures that must be followed concisely for each game.  Please see “Match Procedures” on PSPL website for exact instructions.  In summary, for games you need to remember to:

  • Bring Completed Game Day Roster Sheets
  • Bring Official Team Roster (printed from team page on  US Club website)
  • Bring Player/Staff passcards (laminated)
  • Bring US Club Soccer medical forms
  • Report score after game is completed. 

At the start of each league game, the referee will require you to present the passcards, game day roster sheets, and the official team roster so player status can be verified. 

Player Borrowing Procedure

During the initial registration process, players are registered to a specific team. However, there is free movement of players between Club teams (playing laterally or up in age group).

  • If your team is borrowing a player(s) from another ASE team for a regular league game, please follow the process below:
  1. Make sure that the player's coach has approved the borrowing of the player (follow the policies set forth in our player borrowing procedures:
  2. Get the player card from their team manager
  3. Include the player on your PSPL "Game Day Roster Sheet" - next to his/her name, select "Player Pass" box.
  4. Provide US Club rosters for both teams (your team and the team of the player you are borrowing) at the start of the game, along with the “Game Day Roster Sheet”.  You can request the roster from team manager when you get the player card.
  • If your team is borrowing a player(s) from another ASE team for a tournament, please contact the ASE Registrar so that the player can be moved over to the appropriate team’s roster to be printed for tournament registration.


PSPL Game Scheduling Procedure

  • The home team is responsible for obtaining fields and referees for their home games on the date specified by the league.   This is done by the ASE Game Scheduler (  Once the home schedule has been finalized, you will be sent an email of the schedule.  It is your responsibility to then go into your team page on the PSPL website and update the home game times/locations (see below).

  • If a given date does not work for the teams involved, it is the responsibility of the team managers and coaches to work together to reschedule the game to a mutually agreeable date.    The opposing team manager/coach’s contact information will be posted on their team home page.  Make sure to work with the ASE scheduler when making ANY changes to home game schedule to ensure field and referee availability!

  • To make changes to your schedule,
    •  Log-in to your team page at the bottom of page, select “Team Schedule” then “Edit Games” 
  • It is the home teams’ responsibility to post their scheduled fields and times as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours before the game.  This is done by logging in to their team page and providing the field and game time. 

  • Please see PSPL League Rules for in depth review of rules regarding games, etc.