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The BSA Board revisited the Placements process during the Fall/Winter of 2015, and adopted a series of recommendations that were implemented with the Placement process during the Spring of 2016.

5 key improvements are as follows:

BSA Placements:

1) Will be held outdoor and involve more scrimmage and technical skills assessments
2) Will be held mid-week in the evenings, rather than the weekends
3) All kids from the same grade will be evaluated on the same 'placement evening' - to allow for an improved evaluation of kids within that grade
4) We will offer the choice of 1 of 2 sessions on the placements' evening for each child's grade.
5) There are no placements for Town league players, only kids playing travel soccer in the Fall of 2018 OR Spring 2019 will need to attend placements

***Players should be present 15 minutes before the START of the session they will attend***

ALL Placements will take place at PQ Field

The current schedule for the 2018 Placements is as follows (2 sessions 5:00 - 6:30pm and 6:30 - 8:00pm):

- Wednesday May 30th - kids entering 7th/8th Grade in September 2018 

- Friday June 1st - kids entering 6th grade in September 2018 

- Monday June 4th - kids entering 5th grade in September 2018 

- Tuesday June 5th - kids entering 4th grade in September 2018 (Travel soccer only)


Answers to FAQ’s

‚ÄčPlayers in the In-Town League (entering the 3rd grade in the Fall and 4th grade players who know they will not play Travel soccer during the upcoming Fall and next Spring season need NOT attend.

•     A child will not be placed on a Division 1 or 2 BAYS Travel team (typically the BSA 1st and 2nd teams in an age group) if he/she does not attend placements with his/her appropriate age group.

•    A child needs to attend only one placement session.  BSA is providing 2 sessions a night for each age group. Please choose only one session. 

•    Details on the Placements changes and drills being used are contained in the Placements Details document

•    A child must attend a session with his/her age group and gender (see schedule below).  

•     BAYS (travel) teams are offered for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade players (ie. U10-U14).  U10 (4th gr.) plays on a smaller field in 7v7 format, U11/U12 (5th & 6th gr.) play on a medium field in 9v9 format, and U13/14 play (7th & 8th gr) on a large field in 11v11 format.

•     U9 players (3rd gr.) will play only in the IN-TOWN League.  U10 (4th gr.) players can play either in In-Town or BAYS (Travel).

Note: Kids playing in the newly established 5th - 8th grade in-Town league do NOT need to attend placements