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Welcome to the Belmont Soccer Association - this page will hopefully give you all the information you need to register your child and family for the BSA soccer programs. 


For families new to the program, we encourage you to please read the instructions below and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the registration site.

If you have registered previously and know the program details - please visit the Online Registration Site


Belmont Soccer Association registers players for the Fall and Spring seasons independently. The registration period occurs in April for the Fall season and mid-November for the Spring season.

Registrations submitted after July 1 for the Fall and January 28th for the spring may be placed on a waiting list, and your child’s participation in our program is not guaranteed.

Children must either live or go to school in Belmont to play for the Belmont Soccer Association.


BSA offers Travel soccer for kids in 4th grade through 8th grade and In-Town soccer for kids in 3rd grade through 8th grade. Belmont Second Soccer offers soccer for kids from K through 2nd grade - www.belmont2ndsoccer.org


Registration/Placement timing FAQ’s

For frequently asked questions about the timing of our Registration and Placements click here.


Team Offerings:
Players are placed based on similar abilities and play towns at a similar level.  Team assignments will be announced about two weeks before the first game.

Town League:  Grades 3 and 4 – Evenly balanced teams playing 7v7 games on Saturdays afternoons - all games played in Belmont.   Typically one practice per week. All 3rd graders play Town League exclusively.  

New this Fall season: BSA will offer in-town soccer for 5th, through 8th grade. This is an 8 week program with evenly balanced and small teams playing games on Saturday during the late afternoons – all games played in Belmont. There will be no practices or breakers support for this league. Charge for this will be $75.

Travel Program (BAYS): Grades 4 through 12 – (U10 through U14).  The travel program is a competitive team format, with 5 home and 5 away games.  Players are assigned to their team based on their placement scores and input from their coach (if they have played previously)

Players who do not do placements in the spring for the following Fall or Spring will not be placed on a Division 1 or 2 team – usually our top two teams. Their team placement will be based on their previous coaches input if available.

Otherwise they will most likely be placed one of our 2 lower teams for one season, with the possibility to move up if they were misplaced.

All teams play on Saturdays. Practices are at the discretion of the volunteer coaches and members can expect between 1 or 2 practice sessions a week

Fall and Spring soccer for 9th-12th graders.   
BSA does offer programs for 9th -12th graders in both the Fall and Spring season.   Continue to the bottom of this page to register, or for more info click here.

U-HS - 9th-12th graders - FALL SEASONS

U16 & U18/19 - SPRING SEASONS (if enough interest we will field seperate U16 and U18/19 teams


1st child - $125 ; 2nd child - $120 ; 3rd child - $115 ; 4th child - $115

After June 30th for the Fall and January 16th for Spring, a $25 per child Late Fee will be automatically added to your registration (travel league only).  

No refunds will be issued after July 1 for Fall and January 31st for Spring

The impact of withdrawing your child from our Travel program

BSA Travel teams participate in the Bay Area Youth Soccer league. This organization determines which teams play in what division and against which other teams. BSA cannot request that we play against other teams or in a division. The administrators at BAYS determine this.

As you could imagine, organizing a soccer program across hundreds of teams in dozens of Towns/Cities, takes a lot of preparation and lead time. So for the Fall, BSA needs to commit to a number of teams to BAYS by June 30th and January 31st for the Spring.

BSA can only do this based on our registration numbers, therefore when we experience late withdrawals, it can impact the Belmont team, but also the other teams in the league that Belmont are assigned to.

If you register your child to play on our travel teams, we really expect that they will play. Please do not register your child if you think there is a risk that you will withdraw them at a later date due to a competing commitment that they prefer. We would ask that you register late if you are unsure about your commitment to the travel soccer program.

Registration Instructions:

Please read all information provided on the registration forms. All questions with a * must be answered to successfully complete the registration process.

Please enter an email address that is frequently checked. This will be used to confirm your registration and contact you regarding future Belmont Soccer events.

All volunteers (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Board Members, etc.) must check the volunteer box and enter the appropriate personal information. This is a requirement for CORI, and must be done for both existing and new volunteers

Uniform purchases are available during the registration process.

Please do not make requests to be placed with specific teammates and coaches.  

You are now ready to proceed. If you have registered with us before simply follow the link below to enter your log-in details. If you are new to the program sign in as a 1st time user.

Visit the Online Registration Site

Email questions to the BSA Registrar