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Games played in Belmont can only be rescheduled if they meet one of the following criteria: 
1.  The fields in Belmont are declared unplayable by either the BSA or the referee at game time. 
2.  Games are initially scheduled on a BSA sanctioned "prepone" day. These are Religious Holidays (day of only), Columbus Day Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend. To reschedule a "prepone" game you must contact the appropriate referee coordinator at least two weeks prior to the original game date and play the game no later than two weeks after the original game date. If you contact the referee coordinator less than two weeks in advance they will not be able to provide a referee.  Pleases note additional rescheduling requirements for BAYS Games, which are available on the BAYS website
The respective Referee Coordinator/Field Scheduler will handle all makeups & preponements.
For 8v8 and 11v11 contact 
For 6v6 (both Town League and Travel) contact
The process is as follows:

1. Coach should check with the opposing team for 2 - 3 dates in which the game can be played
2. Coach should email the appropriate Referee Coordinator -  Subject:  make-up game, include both team names and dates that have been decided.
3. Coordinator will check the field schedule and confirm one of the dates
4. Coordinator will organize a referee. Please do not assume that all is set until you hear that you have a Referee.
5. Coach must contact your age group coordinator and let them know when any rescheduled game will be played.
5. If you are asking to play a game in Belmont that was originally scheduled to be played outside of Belmont, please follow the same procedure.
6. All make up games will be posted on the website when they are finalized.