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Travel Teams


The Travel Program is designed to teach skills to players who have a sense of accomplishment that accompanies athletic at a competitive level.  Players learn about competition, teamwork, sportsmanship and themselves in a way that cannot be experienced in a recreational program.  The Travel Program is an accelerated program that offers players a chance to play and compete at the highest level.  Teams play in Western New York Amateur Hockey League (WNY).

Travel fees are based on the division, the number of players and hours of ice each team selects before the season starts.  Tournament entry fees, player warm-us, socks and practice jerseys are usually paid by the team through fundraising; hotel and travel expenses are the responsibility of the families.  All fees can be paid in full or can be set on a payment plan.

The season begins in September and goes until March, ending with playoffs.  Players are chosen from tryouts in April/May, and each team has 14-18 skaters.  Teams play approx. 20 games (10 home and 10 away).  Scrimmages are non-league games and are scheduled at the discretion of the coach.

USA Hockey Age Classifications (for 2017-2018 season) - click here for USAH chart
for playing season:  September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017