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American Development Model (ADM) Program Overview


ADM stands for "American Development Model" and  was implemented for all organizations following USA Hockey'a development as of 2012.  The EYHA took the initiative during the 2011 hockey season to run with the ADM program, with some concerns in the beginning.  However after watching the development of the kids, we are 100% behind the USA Hockey ADM program.


On a normal practice, we will have a five minute full skate to allow the children to stretch out, and then we will run six stations with a average time of eight minutes per station.  There will be a coach with a different skill development drill waiting for them at each station.  This means your child we be working on six different skill sets each and every practice.  We will also be rotating in the occasional cross ice games to allow the kids to use their skills in game-like situations.


We will be placing the kids into two different groups (ADM 1 and ADM 2) based on skills level.  I am trying to keep the numbers to about 40 kids per ice time for optimum coach to player ratios.

ADM Program Director:  Ken Wolfarth 

For more information about ADM, please visit the USA Hockey website: