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New Skaters / Timbits Program Overview

The New Skaters / Timbits program provides instruction to skaters ages 4 -8 in the basic skills necessary to skate freely, and the fundamental skills needed before advancing to ice hockey.

Learning through fun and games, the new skaters are taught the proper way to fall & get up, skate forward & backward, glide & stop, and preparing them for more advanced skating skills.

Full hockey gear (helmets, pads, gloves, etc.) are required for all skaters.  EYHA will provide free equipment rentals (Helmets are not included for rental) to all participants, based on availability (first come, first serve). 

2 sessions are held each year:  Fall session (Sept-Dec) and Winter session (Jan-Apr).

Registration and contact information can be found on the EYHA website.

Program Director:  Ken Wolfarth