To promote and grow the sport of lacrosse, enriching the lives of players, parents and coaches with an activity that prepares them for life with warm, wonderful memories.
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What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport played with a ball and netted stick: 

A sport in which two teams of 8 to 11 players use sticks with a net pouch “ a Crosse”  at one end to throw and catch a small hard rubber ball. The objective is to score a goal by throwing the ball into the opposing team's goal net. Lacrosse was originated by Native North Americans.

The Sport has been played in North America for over 300 years first witnessed in 1630!  Making this the oldest sport in North America!

The sport today is played by both Boys and Girls.  Most leagues in Wisconsin have teams from U9 grade thru High School.


Practice typically begins April 1

            Most teams practice 1 to 1.5 hours

            Practices typically 2 – 3 times per week depending on coaching.


            Games typically start around April 15th

            The season typically has 10-18 games. (1/2 are typically home games)

Coaching: All Coaches must complete training

            Initial coaching training (for 2015)

                        US Lacrosse online – Free

                        Positive Coaching online – Free

                        In-person US Lacrosse - with locations to be determined each year


            Basic team inventory – attached

            Game field equipment

                        Nets (can be rage cages)

                        Game Clock

                        Score board

                        Cones (Marking the field 7)


Many teams use on line registration programs (League Athletics)

With smaller organizations the process can be manual.          


Entity Structure:


Insurance – D & O


Cost of operation:

Coaching   - Optional Payment

League Dues - $75

Equipment  (sample inventory attached)

Referees   - $90 per home game

Coaches Training    (In Person & Registration)

Field Paint/Chalk/Maint Costs  (Est. $100)

Uniforms/practice Jerseys – we use reversible pinnies $80 or game jerseys +125/varies Option – Players buy and keep or        club buys and maintains


Miscellaneous (coaching cloths ect)

Approx – $1500 – 1800  for the season (includes the initial equipment)