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Background Screening Requirements for Coaches and Volunteers

Starting from the 2013-2014 season, all Coaches with EYHA must have a current background screening.
In an effort to provide a safe and fun environment for our participants and volunteers, EYHA and Mid-American Hockey requires that coaches and referees, submit to a background screen before they have routine access to children who participate in our organization. As such, we have designed a very user-friendly process to help achieve this goal. 

Please be aware that each individual will be responsible for a $30.00 fee to undergo this process for certification which will be reimbursed by EYHA after submitted and approved by Dave Kruszewski, EYHA President.  Screenings are good for three years.
Coaches and Assistant Coaches will not be able to start the season without this requirement.  EYHA will reimburse up to a maximum of four people per team for this clearance.
It was decided by the board that no team will be able to obtain an official copy of their team roster until all coaches from that team submit in their clearance form.
If you have any questions regarding this requirement please contact Amy Sturm.


New Pennsylvania State Law (starting in 2015-16 season):

PA Act 15 Clearances -- click here for instructions/requirements.

The screening Link is www.midamhockeyscreen.com.
When you go to the site, it will ask you to register, choose your state and then, your hockey organization.  The next step is to choose the option "Initiate a background screen request."  Then, you read and agree to the Disclosure Statement, the Volunteer Authorization for Release of Background Information, and the Electronic Signature Consent.  It will then ask for your contact information.
Next, it will ask for your Driver's License information.  There will be a form you are required to print out, fill in and fax back to them.  This is what will pop up when you indicate you have a PA drivers license:
"Certain states require that we maintain a signed authorization or require additional information. Please download the necessary form below, fill out the required information, and fax it to the following number : 410-413-0263. Thank you." 

You can access the form for Pennsylvania HERE. Fax the form to 410-413-0263.
You can still fill out this section and continue, but you have to print out the form and fax it in for this section and your whole registration to be complete.
Next, you will fill out a criminal history section. After this, the online registration process is complete and the site will transfer you to Paypal to complete the transaction.
Please submit screening to EYHA Registrar, Heather Maciulewicz.
Please submit reimbursement request to EYHA Treasurer, Shelly Berlin.