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Equipment Rental

EYHA provides free equipment rental to the child as a New Skater only.  A $250 deposit check is due upon rental with signed paperwork.

Equipment rental at a cost of $50 is available for all other divisions, after the New Skaters are fitted.  A $250 deposit check is due upon rental with signed paperwork.

First come, first serve.  No guarantees!

The equipment rental includes:

  • helmet  (No longer Provided) 
  • shoulder pads / chest protector
  • elbow pads
  • hockey pants
  • shin guards
  • skates
  • gloves

All equipment must be cleaned thoroughly prior to the return -- this means the items are cleaned in the washing machine and dried thoroughly by air dry or in the dryer.  


EYHA offers full equipment rental to it's players.  Usually, families do not need to purchase many pieces but certain sizes are limited. Fees are as follow:
ALL families renting equipment must write a $250 deposit check dated for 6.30.2018 that will be held and returned when equipment has been returned at the end of the season.
TIMBIT - Free rental + $250 deposit check
ADM - $50 Rental fee + $250 deposit check
HOUSE - $50 Rental fee + $250 deposit check
I am also looking for volunteers to help fit equipment.  You will only be helping with one or two pieces of equipment - we are hoping to have stations set up and it is NOT HARD!!  We will teach you everything!!  Email  with times and days you can help out and with anyequipment related questions!!!