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It is due by 8pm MONDAY each week after your game.


It  is required to complete the "Game Summary Form" for every tackle Football game played by both head coaches.  
It is Optional for Flag teams is there is an issue/incident.

You can nominate players for Player of the Week and also your game as Game of the Week.

Varsity Coaches/Submitters are also asked to nominate opposing team players for the End of the Year Allstar Game. 

It can be completed by the head coach or a designate on his behalf.  It requires a brief summary of your game and has optional fields to explain any issues or events that occurred during your game.

These included (but are not limited to):

  • Player and/or coach Ejections
  • Evaluation of the Officials
  • Evaluation of the EMTs
  • Issues with the venue or the fans
  • Issue/Incidents with opposing your your own coaches
  • Significant injuries
  • Eligibility Challenges


Even if you had no issues/incidents, you are still required to complete the game summary.

You can access it through the "Game Summary Form" option in the left hand menu or by clicking HERE