PCSC is a nonprofit that inspires young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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Park City Soccer Club
2015/16 UYSA Codes
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 U8 3572-02029-PL01 U8 - 3572-02029-PL01
U9 RED - 9872-35246-PL01 U9 RED - 1672-35243-PL01
U9 WHITE 9872-35246-PL01 U9 WHITE - 1672-35243-PL01
U10 RED - 0572-02039-PL01 U10 - 7672-02051-PL01
U10 WHITE - 7872-02040-PL01 U11 - 6172-02050-PL01
U11 RED - 8472-02037-PL01 U12 RED - 4872-02048-PL01
U11 WHITE - 7372-02038-PL01 U12 WHITE - 4572-35463-PL01   
U11 BLACK - 0372-29670-PL01 U12 BLACK - 9572-02047-PL01
U12 RED - 0772-02035-PL01 U13 RED - 6172-02045-PL01
U12 WHITE - 1672-02036-PL01 U13 WHITE - 7272-02046-PL01
U12 BLACK - 2372-02034-PL01 U14 - 4672-02044-PL01
U13 - 6672-29672-PL01 U15 - 2772-02043-PL01
U14 RED - 4072-02032-PL01 U16 - 0472-02042-PL01
U14 WHITE - 4072-02033-PL01 U18 - 5372-02052-PL0
U15 - 4972-02031-PL01  
U16 - 1772-02030-PL01  
U18 - 9372-02041-PL01