Oregon Park Baseball Association will seek to instill,the youth of West Cobb Georgia, community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence, so they may be finer, stronger and happier youths who will grow to be good, clean, hea

12U Travel Phantoms - 1st USSSA Champs Wear Rings
11U Travel Red Sox -  1st USSSA Champs Wear Rings, 1st Dominos Fall Classic SBO, 2nd Triple Crown Fall Classic, 2nd - USSSA September Slam, 1st TC Back to School Backyard Brawl
11U Travel Sharks - 2nd USSSA Champs Wear Rings
11U Travel Elite - 1st Cinco DeMayo Wood Bat Challenge, 1st Strike Out Breast Cancer, 2nd Longball NIT
11U Raptors - 2nd USSSA Champs Wear Rings, 2nd Powder Springs Sunday Slam
11U Hornets - 1st Dizzy Dean State B
10U Travel Sharks - 1st Battle of the Bats
10U Travel Hornets - 1st Place Champs Wear Rings
9U Travel Sharks - 2nd Annual GSA Free Tournament, 1st Place - Jr Gizzlies Invitational , 1st Open Baseball World Series Silver Bracket
9U All Star Vipers - 2nd Central Park Invitational
9U Travel Predators - 1st Place Cherokee Cats Scratch Tournament
7U All Star Sharks - 2nd Lake City Classic, 2nd SE All Star Championship, 3rd Dizzy District 2, 2nd Kennesaw Shootout
6U All Star Sharks - 2nd Dizzy Dean World Series