The CT Junior Rangers are the elite youth aaa hockey organization in connecticut, new york and new jersey. The organization has teams at all youth levels thru midget, u16, u18, and junior. The teams play in the EHF the premier youth hockey league.

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The Brick

The Brick Super Novice International hockey tournament is recognized as Canada’s foremost hockey tournament.  In January of 1990, Bill Comrie met with a few of his executives at The Brick Warehouse Corporation and discussed a hockey tournament concept that would be both unique and beneficial to many people for years to come.  Bill’s vision was a hockey tournament for players nine and ten years of age that would be international in scope and personal in presentation. He recognized that this age category did not have a national presence similar to the Quebec Pee Wee Tournament.  The Brick experience provides players the best possible opportunity to display their skills amongst the top athletes in the world while also sharing a summer holiday with their friends and family.   

Brick Territories

The Brick tournament is made up of regional all-star teams from all over North America.  The Connecticut Junior Ranger Brick territory covers New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.   Players must tryout in their designated territory if they plan to pursue The Brick.  Players cannot play for another Brick franchise team.   The CT Junior Rangers are honored to be one of the few selected Brick & Brick Series franchises.  


Brick Tryouts

As a Brick franchise, we are required to have multiple tryout events.  Our large geographical territory makes it difficult for every player to attend every tryout.  By having multiple tryout events we can insure a comprehensive and inclusive tryout.  The Brick is a large commitment for players and families and we strive to have a fair and thorough selection process.   Each year we will have 3 events; the Brick training and evaluation camp in August, the December tryout, and the February tryout.  Players are required to attend at least one of the TRYOUTS (evaluation camp is not a tryout)  but are encouraged to participate in all 3 events.  After these 3 separate events we will select 24 skaters and 4 goalies (2 teams)  to attend the final tryout weekend in March at Chelsea Piers CT.  The players will skate four times over the weekend and the team will be chosen 7-10 days after.  The tryout schedules are posted on our website


Brick Series

The Brick Series was born out of a need for programs to elevate the spring and summer tournament circuit and to help younger players prepare for the Brick tournament. The BRICK series events are offered at the two years prior to the Brick tourney (2009s and 2010s in 2018) & at the post Brick level (2007s in 2018).  There are so many tournaments offered that you rarely know what the level of competition will be at each tournament.  You also spend the entire weekend at the hotel, rink or restaurant because game times are spread out.  The BRICK Series events are designed to provide players with top competition and families with great experiences throughout the spring and summer in some of North America's best cities.  Some of the Brick Series teams include the Connecticut Junior Rangers, Toronto Pro Hockey,  Detroit, Chicago Elite AAA, Junior Bruins, Minnesota Blades, Team Brick Alberta, LA Selects, BC Jr. Canucks and others.  Please refer to the CJR website for 2018 tournament locations.


What happens after these Brick Series tryouts?

After these 10 & 11 Brick Series tryouts, we will identify 20 - 25 players from each age group that will be potential Brick Series team candidates.  Players may be chosen for 1 or more Brick Series events and will train together during the spring.  


Any further questions regarding the Brick process should be directed to


Thank you and best of luck to all of our Brick participants!