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Team Parent

Assist in communication with team, schedule snacks & drinks for games, organize team's participation in PCAA fundraisers and events.

What’s in Store for this Season?

Team parent is a vital role to having a well-organized team.  The team parent is the communications hub of the team.  This season, the team parent will need to communicate the game and practice schedule to parents, organize a snack schedule, distribute handouts and collect forms, and help communicate issues parents might be having to league leadership so we can resolve them.  We rely on the team parent to be the team’s point of contact between the coach, the parents and the league.

What do we need you to do?

Organize a team snack schedule.  After each game, the family in charge of snack should provide a beverage (juice pouch, Gatorade, water) and a small snack (chips, cookies, fruit, etc.). 
Know the team schedule for practices and games and remind parents at the end of each game/practice when the next game or practice will be.
Coordinate handouts and communication from the league officials to parents, including picture forms and fundraising materials.

Who is our primary contact?

Chris Tulino,