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Field Maintenance Crew

Assist in maintaining fields, facilities and buildings. Participate in PCAA workdays.

What’s in Store for this Season?

This season PCAA is going to have one workday to take care of issues with the fields.  This workday is usually just a morning where we get all of our field maintenance crew volunteers out at the fields.  We fill-in off-season erosion, fill-in and pack down the batters boxes and pitchers mounds, clean out the dugouts, do some dragging and shoveling and just get the fields generally ready for gametime.
We are also going to have weekly field cleanups that will consist mostly of changing out the trash bags around the fields and doing some basic matiness.  This is usually on a game-day and can be done during the pre-game time that you would normally be waiting around the fields anyway.

What do we need you to do?

Attend our workday, and take care of your assigned cleanup time slot during the season.  On occasion, if we really need to get the fields ready for play after a hard rain, we will ask the field crew to come out to help us remove water from the fields and get ready for games or tournaments.

Who is our primary contact?

Field & Facilities Manager, Mike Wilson, Mike.wilson@pcaasports.org