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Coaching Team

The coaching team is responsible for organizing and assisting with practices & games, communication with the team, attending clinics, maintain fields before and after games, abiding by the PCAA code of conduct, exhibit good sportsmanship, complete volunteer application form.

What’s in Store for this Season?

There are four primary roles fulfilled by the coaching team.
Head Coach & Assistant Coach
Head coach and assistant coach are assigned by the commissioner of the division (T-Ball, Coach Pitch or Majors/Minors).  The head coach and assistant coach are responsible for managing all practice and games.  They need to attend meetings with the commissioner, need to develop a practice plan and drills, need to secure and maintain organized equipment sheds, and develop their team.  Our focus is on skills development, teamwork and sportsmanship.
 Practice Coach
The practice coach is a parent volunteer assisting during practice and during pre-game warm-ups.  Practice coaches are often vital to ensure that practice time is used well by having multiple stations for drills and providing some time for one-on-one skills development for players that need a little extra work in one area.  It is not uncommon to have 3-5 practice coaches on a team.  Practice coaches can also help the players in the dugout during games staying focused, finding equipment, and getting into and out of the dugout between innings.
Score Keeper
The score keeper maintains the scorebook during the game and helps keep the coaches informed of in-game situations that they might lose track of during the game, like the score, number of outs, and who’s up to bat next.  Each team needs a scorekeeper and it is important that they meet every inning or ½ inning to ensure they are in sync.

What do we need you to do?


Head coaches and assistant coaches will be meeting with their respective commissioner shortly.
Other volunteers to the coaching team will be provided to the coach.  You should reach out to the coach to let them know you volunteered to help coach so they can put your good spirit and assistance to good use.  Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to make the experience better for your child.  You don’t need to be athletic or have baseball expertise to be a big help. 

Who is our primary contact?

Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches – Division Commissioner
T-Ball - Jason Summerour
Machine Pitch – Desrochers
Majors/Minors – Weltz
Babe Ruth – 
Softball - Dan Hebb


          Other coaching team volunteers – Head Coach


If you ever have an issue, we urge you to first bring it up with your head coach.  If that is not possible or does not resolve your issue, please contact the commissioner of the appropriate division.