Fort Collins Lacrosse supports Rocky Mountain HS boys lacrosse.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Players provide their own lacrosse gear. They're expected to bring the following to each practice/game:

  • helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, cleats, cup, mouth guard
  • 2 game-ready sticks
  • water bottle + water

Freshmen and JV players can have a helmet of any color (preferably matte grey, silver, or white). Varsity players must have a white helmet (see varsity helmet requirement below).


Varsity helmet requirement:

The preferred helmet is a white Cascade R with a chrome grill.

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Registration usually begins 1 month before each season starts (2 months for the Spring Season).

  • Fall Ball:
    • from late August to mid-October
    • practices mid-week in Fort Collins, games on Saturdays in Denver
    • for all 9-12th grade players
  • Fall/Winter Indoor:
    • Monday evenings at The Edge Sports Center in Fort Collins
    • Fall session - from early November to mid-December
    • Winter session - from early January to mid-February
  • Winterfest Invitational Tournament:
    • usually the first weekend in January (in Denver)
    • advanced-level players (by invitation)
  • Spring Camp:
    • usually the second-to-last week in February
    • 3-day camp (Wed-Fri)
  • Spring Season:
    • from late February to early May
    • tryouts are on the first day of the season
    • practices are held daily (typically from 4-6, 5-7, or similar)
    • the PSD Grades Policy and Athletic Handbook apply to the Spring season
  • Summer:
    • "Summer Fun League" from mid-June to end of July
    • weekly games (mid-week, in the evening)
    • for all "rising" 9-12th grade players, alumni, and Youth/HS coaches



  • Spring Season:
    • Transportation:  Transportation to most away games will be by PSD school bus (departing from Fossil Ridge High School). You must arrange to get your player to FRHS to catch the bus (and pick him after the bus returns from the game). School release times will be provided by the Team Mom.
    • Food:  Post-game food and drinks will be provided for most away games.
  • Other Seasons:
    • No transportation or food is provided.



  • Spring Season:
    The program provides game jerseys and shorts for the Spring season. They must be returned at the end of the season. If you lose them you are responsible for paying to replace them, and they are expensive.
  • Other Seasons:

    Other seasons may require game pinnies and/or shorts. If so, they will be provided by the program (and they will usually be yours to keep).



High school lacrosse in Poudre School District is a "pay to play" sport, meaning that the parents/players pay the full cost of the program. In an effort to reduce the cost of playing lacrosse, the Fort Collins Unified Lacrosse High School Boosters provide a couple of ways of raising funds:

  • Individual fundraising:
    Click here for info on how you can painlessly raise money to pay for your player's registration fees (using King Soopers cards).
  • Group fundraising:
    Click here for info on helping with group fundraising efforts (golf tourney, Margaritaville, etc.).


Financial policy:

  • Players with unpaid fees from current season must pay them in full before they are allowed to play in a game.
  • Players with unpaid fees from a previous season will not be allowed to participate in a subsequent season until their outstanding fees are paid.
  • If payment arrangements are needed, please contact the Treasurer (see the "Contact Us" portion of our website).


We provide a limited number of need-based scholarships (partial or full) each season to support players who otherwise would not have the opportunity to play high school lacrosse. Click here for more info.


We welcome anyone who is interested in helping support the program. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out in any of the following ways:

  • Boosters:
    In addition to fundraising, Boosters also contribute to the program in a number of "program support" ways, like helping with team photos, banquets, uniform distribution, etc. Click here for info on volunteering in a "program support" capacity.
  • Donations:
    If you would like to make a donation to the program (we are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization), please contact the Boosters president, .
  • Coaching:
    If you are interesting in coaching, please contact the district head coach, Chris Cerrigone (