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Safety is a priority of West Seattle Little League.  

The league safety plan can be found HERE. 

Coach and Manager Safety Information can be found HERE

A summary of key information is as follows:

WSLL Safety Code: 

Summary of participation requirements

1. Player, Field, Equipment and LightningSafety Procedures: All Participants (umpire, manager, coach, volunteer, player, parent and spectator) understand and follow the WSLL Safety Plan. 

2. Animal Control: no dogs at WSLL events

3. Alcohol: zero tolerance

4. Poor Sportsmanship: Per WSLL Code of Conduct, let our safe practices and honorable conduct set an example of sportsmanship, dignity and respect for others.

5. Help us be safe. If you need help or have a concern, let us know quickly. Report an issue, ask a question or provide performance feedback:  - Safety Director


Reference:  WSLL Code of Conduct

The WSLL Code of Conduct is strict and serious in our sport. All people associated with West Seattle Little League are expected to always act with sportsmanship, dignity and respect for others. This includes WSLL board members, other league officials, managers, coaches, parents, players, umpires,and spectators.

Poor sportsmanship includes:

·Arguing, baiting, taunting or demeaning : managers, coaches, league officials,league volunteers, umpires, teammates, opponents or other spectators
·Using threatening or profane language
·Baiting or taunting coaches, officials, teammates, opponents or spectators
·Unsafe play
·Uncontrolled behavior in the bench area

Poor sportsmanship will carry, at a minimum, the following consequences:

First Offense Verbal warning
Second Offense Dismissal from the game and from the field/park
Third Offense Dismissal from the next game
Fourth Offense Dismissal from the team

We, parent(s) and player, have discussed the WSLL Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it. We understand that there is no refund or recourse for dismissal from West Seattle Little League as a consequence of breaking this Code of Conduct.