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As a coach or assistant coach, you can use our website to accomplish some very helpful and time saving activities.  You must login to access these features.  On the upper right side of the screen is a place to enter your email address and password.
Reset Your Password
If you don’t know your password, just enter your email address into the log in area and click "LOG IN".  You will be sent a link to reset your password.  If that doesn't work, please email .
  1. Team Homepage
Your team home page is your central location for information and activities about your team.  To get to your team page, at the top of the screen, click “Teams”, select “Choose a Team”, then the Division and your team name.
Posting News
From your team page, you will see a green “ ” icon.  The New Team Bulletin screen will appear.  You can enter the title of your post/email, and then the details in the body of the message.  If you would also like to broadcast (email) the message to your team, you must your team in the list of “Recipient Teams” and check the “Broadcast message” checkbox.
This message will appear on the team homepage until the “Expiration date” in the message.  You can clear that out if you want to leave this message up all season.
Emailing the Team
As a coach, this feature allows you to email the entire team without keeping track of everyone’s email address.
From the team home page, click the “Roster” tab on the left side of the screen.  You will see a list of all players and team officials.  Under the “Options” button at the top right of the roster you can select “Email Team”.  The email screen will appear and allow you to create a message for your entire team.  The roster contains private information, and is not visible to the public.  Do not share or copy this information, it is for league use only.
Checking the Schedule
From your team home page, select “Schedule”.  From this page, you can click “Options” to download or link to this schedule.  The “Calendar Feed” link will provide instructions for subscribing to this calendar from your smartphone.
Cancelling a Practice or Game, Changing Practice
Provided the division commissioner is informed and approves of any schedule changes, you may make certain schedule changes from your team schedule page.  From your team home page, click “Schedule”, then the “Options” button.
Click the red “x” icon to delete a practice or game.  Be sure to select Ok to the question "Do you want to send notices to affected members?" to make sure team members and officials are sent a message regarding the change.  Everyone will receive an email notice from the system.
Click the “pencil” icon next the event you want to change.  Fill out the details of the change.  If any part of the page turns red, that means there is a conflict.  Please do not create a schedule conflict.  Instead, as the commissioner to make the requested change so the conflict can be resolved.  Again, be sure the check the notification boxes at the bottom of the screen to make sure parents and officials are notified by email of the change.
Entering Scores
From the team home page, select “Results” from the left side of the screen.  Each game will be listed.  Click the “pencil” icon to enter the score of the game and submit the results.  NOTE:  This is much simpler on the mobile app.
PRO TIP:  League Athletics has a mobile app.  The mobile app will let you do almost all of these functions from the field. Parents can also download the mobile app so they can review the schedule anytime.  https://leagueathletics.com/mobile_promo.asp?org=pcaasports.org