Girls’ hockey program in Rochester, New York, USA and the surrounding Monroe County region

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The Rochester Edge is proud over its 20 year history to have contributed to the development of:

  • Two US Olympic Team members
  • 26 Division I hockey players
  • Over 80 collegiate hockey players


Edge Alumni

Lyndsay Wall USA Olympian & Minnesota (D-I)
Kim Insalaco USA Olympian & Brown University (D-I)
Jill Cardella Boston University (D-I)
Gen Laing Boston University (D-I)
Andrea Maluta Clarkson University (D-I)
Susan Allen Colgate University (D-I)
Cassy Opela University of Connecticut (D-I)
Anna Zorn Cornell University (D-I)
Liz Zorn Cornell University (D-I)
Abbey Cook Maine University (D-I)
Marlee Finestone Maryland University (D-I)
Kathy Donohue Mercyhurst University (D-I)
Emily Janiga Mercyhurst University (D-I)
Kerry Ryan Mercyhurst College (D-I) - Former Rochester Coach
Shivaun Siegl Mercyhurst College & Vermont (D-I)
Nikki Stancampiano Miami of Ohio (D-I)
Shelby Moteyunas Minnesota State University (D-I)
Lauren Kirwan New Hampshire University (D-I)
Chelsea Knapp Ohio State University (D-I)
Monica Kolb Ohio State University (D-I)
Kim Vesling Providence (D-I)
Morgan Beikirk Robert Morris University (D-I)
Chelsea Walkland Robert Morris University (D-I)
Mallory Giambra Robert Morris University (D-I)
Brooke Thompson RPI (D-I)
Meaghan Guckian St. Lawrence University (D-I)
Mikaela Thompson St. Lawrence University (D-I)
Jen Taylor St. Anselm (D-II)
Laura Cook Bates College (D-III)
Caralie Fennessey Buffalo State (D-III)
Jeyna Minnick Buffalo State (D-III)
Amanda Uschold Buffalo State (D-III)
Cassie Koehne Castleton State (D-III)
Erika Bronk Chatham College (D-III)
Brigid O'Gorman Connecticut College (D-III)
Sam Schuffenecker Connecticut College (D-III)
Kelly Crumb Cortland (D-III)
Lindsay Davies Cortland (D-III)
Katie Double Cortland (D-III)
Caitlin Fusco Cortland (D-III)
Shannon Hakes Cortland (D-III)
Deanna Meunier Cortland (D-III)
Kelly Moran Cortland (D-III)
Cailin O'Hara Cortland (D-III)
Kelsey Shares Cortland (D-III)
Lindsay Weinstein Cortland (D-III)
Maggie Welker Cortland (D-III)
Cassie Willis Cortland (D-III)
Tiffany Wixom Cortland (D-III)
Gabrielle Zaccour Cortland (D-III)
Amanda Ritzel Elmira College (D-III)
Ashley Ryan Elmira College (D-III)
Abby Runyon Hamilton College (D-III)
Caitlin Adams Liberty College (D-III)
Andrea Blais Manhattanville (D-III)
Nicole Blais Manhattanville (D-III)
Annabelle Jones Middlebury College (D-III)
Sadye Gonnella Nuemann College (D-III)
Bianca Cammillaci Oswego (D-III)
Chelsea Hunt Oswego (D-III)
Lizzy Marks Oswego (D-III)
Kristin Metzger Oswego (D-III
Katie Goff Penn State (ACHA)
Shannon Connors Plattsburgh (D-III)
Amanda Hoy Plattsburgh (D-III)
Jen Gorczynski RIT (D-III),3X All American,Former Edge Coach
Ali Hills RIT (D-III)
Jessica Prudhomme RIT (D-III)
Nikki Scuteri RIT (D-III)
Katie Stack RIT (D-III)
Kristina Moss RIT (D-III)
Kelsey Talty Salve Regina (D-III)
Molly Dever St. Michaels (D-III)
Whitney Colbert Trinity (D-III)
Courtney Bills Utica College (D-III)
Kelly Bills Utica College (D-III)
Jenni Hamel Utica College (D-III)
Nicole Joslyn Utica College (D-III)
Katie Moss Utica College (D-III)
Alex Talbott Utica College (D-III)
Krystal Cummings Utica College (D-III)
Kate Steblenko Vermont University (ACHA)
Heather Lindgren Wesleyan College (D-III)
Nitsan Goldstein Williams College (D-III)