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Cal Ripken Baseball Division - Ages 4-12

Keeping baseball FUN-especially in the early stages of youth baseball-is a primary concern of Babe Ruth League's Cal Ripken Division, which is comprised of the following divisions:

Major/70: Majors baseball is the pre-eminent level in youth Little League baseball and represents the highest level of competitive play. This Elite level of play also involves an extensive amount of travel to compete against neighboring associations. Parents should be made aware that there is a substantially larger time commitment to this level. Parents that will have trouble getting their players to practices and games regularly should strongly consider this if your player is to be drafted into Majors.  All players aged 11-12 are eligible for majors.  Placement will be determined by player ability based on the results of evaluations.  Games are played on 70 foot bases and a pitching distance of 50 feet.​

Minor: Recommended for ballplayers ages 9-10. Minors is where most young athletes begin to experience full-blown baseball complete with kids pitching to kids and stealing bases.  Emphasis is on developing players to their fullest potential, while playing in a competitive environment that prepares them for the Majors.  Placement will be determined by player ability based on the results of evaluations.  Games are played on 60 foot bases and a pitching distance of 46 feet.​

Rookie: Machine Pitch is designed for ages 7-8.  6 Year olds are eligible to "play up" based on the results of evaluations and if they have completed at least one year (two seasons) of T-Ball. 7 years old who have never played organized baseball are strongly encouraged to play a season of T-ball before advancing to machine pitch.  Machine pitch is still a learning division with emphasis on swing mechanics and playing defensive baseball, but it is also competitive. The diamond used is a 60-foot diamond with a machine pitch delivered from 46 feet. ​

T-Ball: T-Ball is for boys and girls 5-6 years old who want to learn the fundamentals of hitting and fielding.  4 years olds are also welcome as long as they have matured to the point where they can be on the field and take direction from the coaching staff for an hour. In T-Ball, players hit a ball off a batting tee with coaches gently pitching live balls as the season progresses. Rules of the game may be varied to accommodate the need for teaching. The primary goals of T-Ball are to instruct children in the fundamentals of baseball and to allow them to experience the value of teamwork. ​

Babe Ruth Baseball League - Ages 13-15

Founded in 1951, Babe Ruth Baseball League was created for ballplayers ages 13-15 who wished to continue their baseball playing experience beyond the age of 12. In this division, teams are eligible to enter tournament competition and move along the tournament trail, culminating in a World Series.

Note that these levels are in accordance with Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth League guidelines associations in our area. 

Player Evaluations:  Player evaluations play a critical role in insuring kids are placed at the most appropriate level based on their age and ability.  Attending evaluations is MANDATORY for all levels above T-Ball including 6 year olds who would like to be evaluated to play coach pitch.  Players not attending evaluations will be placed at the lowest division for their age.  Please continue to check the web site for the dates and times evaluations will be held.  Player assignments for Majors, Minors, and Rookie are determined by evaluations and the decisions of the respective league commissioners and the VP of Baseball and are final.