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PCAA Majors-70 Division Rules

Time Limits:

6 innings.  No new inning started after 1 hour 45 minutes. 

Rain Outs:

Games terminated due to weather will be made up as soon as possible.

Playing Rules:    

  • No player may sit out consecutive innings, and no player may sit out a second inning if a player on the team has not sat out yet. 
  • Continuous bat rule in effect.
  • 10 run rule applies after 4 innings.
  • Games may be started with 8 players.  A player from a lower league or another team (with permission from the VP or Commissioner) may play ONLY IF the team would have fewer than 9 players without that player.  Furthermore, the substitute player MUST bat last in the lineup and may ONLY play an outfield position.  Under no circumstances can there be fewer than 8 players from the scheduled team on the field.  When possible, replacement players should be of the same playing ability as they player they are replacing.
  • If a game is started with less than 9 players the missing 9th player in the rotation will be an automatic out.  If the 9th player arrives late they will be inserted at the bottom of the line-up and the automatic out rule will be discontinued.
  • If a player is injured during the game and unable to continue as determined by the umpire the game can continue with less than 9 players and the automatic out rule will not be in effect.
  • If a player starts a game and leaves without injury the automatic out rule will be in effect.
  • The Umpire is empowered to enforce local rules.
  • If only 1 umpire is at the game, play should continue as scheduled.  If no umpires are present, game may be delayed up to 15 minutes while an umpire is sought from another game or the park.  If no umpire is found, 1 party from each team will be chosen to call the game from behind the pitcher’s mound.  Each volunteer will call the game during their team’s offensive half of an inning.

Field Dimensions:

  • Major’s games will be played at 70 foot bases and the pitching distance is 50 feet when playing intra-league and PSAA. 


  • Bunting is allowed but slashing (showing bunt then pulling back to swing away) is not.

Base Running:

  • Base runners may take a lead and steal at any time.
  • Balks will be called on pitchers after one warning per pitcher.
  • The infield fly rule will be enforced.
  • May run on dropped 3rd strike.

Pitching Rules:

  • The pitching week is defined as Monday through Sunday
  • A pitcher may pitch a total of 7 innings per week, no more than 3 innings per game (recommend 50 pitch limit per game).  Throwing 1 pitch in an inning counts as a full inning, including warm-ups.
  • Pitchers must be Little League age eligible to play spring 2011 Major baseball.
  • A pitcher can fake a throw to 1st, 2nd or 3rd as long as they step off the rubber.
  • A pitcher must be removed if a second trip to the mound is made within the same inning.  If removed after the second trip the player cannot be re-entered as a pitcher.
  • A pitcher will be removed from pitching the remainder of the game if he/she hits 3 batters.
  • Once a pitcher is removed from the game as a pitcher, he may not be re-entered in that game as a pitcher.  He or she may play any other position.
  • If an ineligible pitcher is used the game will result in a forfeit.


Must wear a protective cup.  Must wear a mask while warming up the pitcher.

Baseball Bats:

PCAA shall use 2 1/4" bats.

Batting with an illegal bat will result in the batter being out.  This rule can be enforced from the point the batter enters the batters box and until the next batter receives their first pitch.


  • If any coach is ejected from a game due to their own behavior, they will be suspended for three (3) games.  If it happens a second time in the season, they will not be permitted to coach at PCAA for the remainder of the season in any age group and will be disqualified from coaching a PCAA-sponsored “All-Star” or “Challenge” team. 
  • Coaches must conduct themselves in accordance with the PCAA Code of Conduct.

Dugouts and fields:

  • Home team has 1st base dugout.  Please make sure dugout is cleaned up and equipment is removed promptly after each game.
  • Home team drags and lines the field prior to each game.
  • Visiting team drags the field after completion of the game.

Player Safety:

  • No head first slides except back to base.  Keep bats and gear off the playing field.
  • Runners must attempt to avoid contact at home if there is a play.
  • A player at-bat must step out of the batter’s box and away from the plate when there is a play at home


  • All parties must conduct themselves in accordance with the PCAA Code of Conduct.
  • Players must not leave the dugout without the permission of the coach.  Only the players and coaches of a team are allowed in the dugout or on the field of play.  No siblings or parents or other teams players will be allowed during the game.


  • All protests must be clearly announced to the opposing coach and the umpire.  Protest must be brought to the attention of the Commissioner within 24 hours of the completion of the game.
  • Judgment calls by the umpire are not grounds for protest.
  • Protest will be heard and decided by the Commissioner and the VP of Baseball.


  • Obvious violation of the rules or continued violation of the rules after being brought to the coach’s attention shall result in the forfeit of the game.