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About Us.

Little League Baseball and softball have been played at the fields located on Lowery Street in the heart of Pineville for over 25 years. Pineville Community Athletic Association (PCAA) is dedicated to keeping the dream alive for the children of our community. PCAA encourages practice, discipline, teamwork and good sportsmanship in order to make a well rounded and competitive ball player.

PCAA will have as part of it's mission:

Participation: For both children and parents.

Education: Teaching children the fundamentals of baseball/softball and encouraging the valuable skills of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Competition: Developing teams, players and coaches so that PCAA can compete at all levels with other associations in the area.

PCAA has an ongoing sponsorship drive to enable every child to be able to play. The sponsorship program can be found on the Sponsorship Program link on the PCAA Homepage. Families and businesses are encouraged to participate. PCAA will be operated in a professional manner and will always remember that the entire program has one goal: To serve the children of the Pineville area.

**PCAA has an open book policy regarding all financial dealings so that all contributors can be assured that their donations are being used properly.**

PCAA, PO Box 626, Pineville, NC 28134