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Mission Statement: we exist to positively influence the community of Northeast Denver through sports.

Vision Statement: Northeast Wolfpack is a youth sports organization dedicated to building up coaches and players in a way that has a progressive impact on its community. The Wolfpack do not merely measure its success of operations primarily on wins and losses, but on the adoption of the organizations core values: service, sportsmanship, excellence, and hard work.




Organizational Structure:

Executive Board

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Business Relations
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary/Community Relations

Community-Committee (non-voting)

  • Fundraising/Event planning
  • Scholarships

Administration (non-voting)

  • Athlletic Director




Our goal is to provide a positive experience to all the players within our organization. We realize that occasionally an issue may arise that requires the attention of a sport coordinator and/or the Jets Board of Directors. These issues might involve the rules, policies or procedures of the Wolfpack and/or the Jeffco Midget Football Association.

We have designed our Grievance Policy to provide a process whereby an individual can communicate an issue or concern for review and resolution. Please help us by adhering to the following guidelines.

Should you have an issue with a rule, policy or procedure:

  1. Please communicate it to your coach. Before a season begins, the coordinators of the various sports have a meeting with the coaches. Most of the rules, policies and procedures are communicated to your coach at that meeting. If not, please ask your coach to call or e-mail that specific sport coordinator for an answer. One call from a coach is more efficient that 10 calls from parents and you will find you will get a quicker response for obvious reasons.  


  1. Should your coach not get a clear and timely response, please send an e-mail or letter to the specific sport coordinator and copy in the President. 

Should you have an issue or concern with the treatment of your child (i.e. fair play issues) please use the same procedures as above.

All grievances that need Wolfpack Board attention should be in writing with the facts and names of people involved. The Board will only review grievances/complaints that are in writing. Any written correspondence directed to the President will be addressed at the next Wolfpack Board meeting.

Please remember that the Wolfpack Board is made up of volunteers and that the Wolfpack are a Youth Sports Organization. Be cognizant of the fact that our decisions involving grievances will be what we feel is in the best interest of the children in our program. All decisions of theWolfpack Board shall be final.

Should your grievance concern the physical or verbal treatment of any child, please send an e-mail to the       Wolfpack President immediately.




  1. The investment into the coaches who will coach the youth. Agape Way Sports will train and equip coaches with the goal of winning a kids heart and championships along the way.


Agape Way Sports

2 Ways to be a part of Agape as a Coach:

1. Coaches Network--consists of coaches clinics and camps. Focus is on the fundamentals of sport, leadership development, and sports camps. This network is open to any level of coach.

2. Agape coach--coaches become an agape coach for an agape team. In addition to the benefit of the network, an Agape coach also commits to Christian discipleship. This coach fully commits to the Agape Way, which means they coach an Agape Team through the values of Excellence, Integrity, Sportsmanship, and Servant Leadership.

Agape promises to: 1. Prepare coaches for game day management. 2. Teach fundamentals of sport. 3. Develop leaders who impact the next generation of coaches.


Agape Way Sports Creed

  • I--influence confidence in the kids I coach. Helping them to believe they can achieve the unachievable. I will responsibly coach, teach, and motivate youth without the use of profanity or degradation.


  • M--mentoring coach, I will be more than a coach who is consumed with winning a championship. Instead reaffirms the values of sportsmanship, integrity, excellence, and servant leadership to my players in all areas of coaching experience.


  • P--position your players for success on and off the field of play. I will highlight my players strength by being properly prepared for opponents and putting my players in a position to succeed.


  • A--all of my players are important to the success of the team. I refuse to only coach the most talented players on the team and I make a commitment to work with every player on the team and at their level of competence.


  • C--character is the essential element of leadership. Strong character is built around accountability and not perfection. My actions, my words, my behavior, and my way of coaching builds trust with youth and the parents and I will never take that for granted by living a double life.


  • T--teachable spirit, I commit myself to being a life-long learner in my sport. I also commit myself to personal growth by being a continual learner spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. I’m open to criticism and reproof because I have not arrived and I’m committed to growth.



  1. An organizational Structure that promises to bring value and trust back into the community of Youth Sports.


-Please review the current adopted by-laws


  1. Community service
  • The fundamental question from the community (NE) the Wolfpack will service, do you care about our kids and our community? The Wolfpack organization will not only improve the lives of the kids that participate in athletic competition, but the Wolfpack will also improve the quality of life within the community. Each team of every sport will be encouraged to be a part of at least one service project in the NE region that directly impacts the lives of other people.


  1. Participation in leagues that allow all levels of play, which include developmental and competitive opportunities for kids of all abilities.
  • This is why the Wolfpack Youth Organization has chosen to play in the Jeffco Midget Football League. The Jeffco Midget Football League is the premier competitive youth sports league in the Denver Metro area. They offer competitive league play for all levels of talent from ages 6 years of age until High School. Three divisions (D1, D2, D3) of play at every grade level allow for players to compete at their level of play.