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Frequently Asked Questions about our program 


When are the Tryouts?

Tryouts for the 2017-2018 season are Sept 10th-11th.  Players are expected to attend both days if possible and there is a small fee for the tryouts to pay for the gym space. Registration is open now.

Can I watch tryouts? 

SGSB (Skyline Girls Select Basketball) Tryouts are closed to viewers and are for the players, coaches, and evaluators only. 

Who are the Evaluators?  How do I know the process is fair? 

SGSB coaches and Board will be evaluating and selecting the teams.  Prospective parent coaches will not be evaluating players for the grade level they may coach. We strive very hard to ensure the tryouts are based on skill and ability without bias.

How do we know if our daughter makes a team? 

Results will be posted by tryout # on www.skylineselect.com 24-48 hours after tryouts have been completed.  You will also be contacted by the club by email and must accept the offer for your daughter’s spot and pay online – via Player Registration on the website – within 24 hours.  If you do not then your roster position may be offered to another player.  All player fees must be collected by the 1st week of practice or players will not be allowed to attend practices.

How many players are on a roster?

Generally, there are 10-12 players per team with a maximum of 12.  We would like to have 2 teams per grade level if possible. 

Who will our coach be?

Most teams are parent coached with the exception of our 7th and 8th-grade teams which may have a paid coach.  Once teams are selected, we look for volunteers for parent coaches if needed.  Many of our coaches are returning Skyline coaches and will return if their daughter makes a team.  Ken Mills is also our coaching specialist offering assistance to newer coaches to make sure that your girls development and experience are the best possible.
What is the cost? 
The cost for Skyline Select Basketball is lower than some other sports because of the focus on value to our members.  Although costs are kept to a minimum this is an investment that we take seriously and is not a small amount.  The organization is non-profit so all the money collected is put back into your child's experience with basketball.
Costs for the program are as follows:

$595 per player for paid coached teams. 

$495 per player for parent coached teams.


What do I need to know about the Elite training offered by SGSB?

The training is intended to enhance the practice time with your team and coaches. These sessions are included in the Skyline Select fee and are an increase in training from 2016.  This is a great advantage to increase your girls' skills with the game.  We will be having practices and specific times for the team to work with Elite this year and woven into your practice schedule throughout the year to utilize this for all teams and grades. 

What’s next? 

The season starts with an Ice Cream Social for Parents and Players September 18th at Beaver Lake Middle School.  If your daughter is selected and accepts a roster spot, this meeting is mandatory so please make sure to have at least one parent + player attend this kick-off event. Uniform sizes and SWAG orders will be collected that night.  This will also be the first time the team can get to meet and interact.  Coaches will have their first meeting with their teams and everyone will meet their teammates.  

When does the season start?  When does the season end? 

Practices begin either the week of September 25th for the 2017 sean getting us some extra practices compared to previous years before our first tournament (More value for you).  We play 3 pre-season tournaments plus our own beginning late October thru November with league games starting in December and ending late February.

How often do teams practice and play? 

Typically Select teams practice twice a week, but at times there may be opportunities for a 3rd practice.  Each team will have roughly 12-14 league games and approximately 20 tournament games.  This year we  will have Elite training worked into the practice schedule for indepth skills training as well.

What tournaments do we enter? 

During the season all our teams will play the Skyline Tipoff Tournament, in early November.  In addition, all of our teams attend the really fun travel experience with the Chelsea Ebert Tournament in Ferndale over the MLK weekend.  This is early in the year and it lets the teams bond and create better chemistry.  The Issaquah Eagle Eye Tournament over President’s Day Weekend in mid-February is also targeted. Tournaments are very fluid though and can be canceled at the last-minute because of the number of registered teams or even gym space that can not be reserved until only weeks in advance.  The coaches will pick the remaining tournaments for your team and be communicated though your team manager.   Our season-ending league championships are generally held the 2nd weekend in March and some of our teams advance to State as well to compete.

What can my daughter expect in terms of playing time or positions?

Player’s positions, starting rotations and playing time are at the discretion of the coaching staff.  There is no playing time guarantee beyond PSTL or CTL rules but all are guaranteed playing time.  Playing time is determined by many factors, including overall skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches and teammates, hustle and game situations.

What is the difference between Recreation, Select, and Premier teams?

Select is a league that is more competitive than a recreation league and is intended to be a more serious and competitive league in the sport of basketball.  This is not a Premiere level league though where only the top player will play.  All players on the team will play at least the minimum league minutes but the organization is committed to improving all the players on the team as much as possible.  The program does drive toward Premier level by adding paid coaches for the 7th and 8th-grade teams as the girls' progress in the program and a skill level appropriate for the Select level of play.

My daughter has other commitments (Dance, Soccer, Swim, etc.); how do I juggle basketball practices and games with these other commitments?

Communication is the key to succeeding in these scenarios.  It’s important to discuss your daughter’s schedule with all coaches involved prior to accepting an offer to play for SGSB. Though an occasional missed practice, game or tournament is acceptable.  Some of the best players in our organization are multi-sport girls and we encourage variety in their activities for their growth.  Many of the skills learned in other sports transfer well to basketball. 

What kind of fundraising do we do as a club?  What are our volunteering obligations?  

Our SKYLINE TIPOFF TOURNAMENT, which will be held November 3rd-5th, is our one organized fundraiser for the season.  This tournament serves as the only fundraiser outside of player registration fees.  Families are expected to work shifts to assist with this fundraising.  We also benefit from companies that match dollars for your volunteer time and this is greatly appreciated.  Lastly, if you have a business you would like to advertise or would just love to send a message out to your daughter for our Skyline Tipoff program this is available as well but again not required.  For a small amount, the girls love to get a message from their parents especially those finishing their 8th grade year.



Please note: Every family is expected to volunteer at our annual Skyline Tipoff Tournament.    Please block out the Tip Off Tournament weekend for some fun basketball and lots of volunteering to support the girl's program and keep costs low.  Parents may also be expected to operate the score clock and keep the official scorebook for league home games and occasionally some tournaments.  There is also on every team a team manager that is needed to assist the coaches.

Have additional questions? 

Please send to Skyline President via email at neilbaisler@comcast.net