Providing wheelchair users the thrill of a team sport in the Midwest.

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In order of years served as Head Coach,

Coach Dominic Russo, 2003 - 2014, Sudden Impact, Ball State Cardinals, RHI Inferno


Coach Tom Dickey, 2009, RHI Sudden Impact


Coach Mike Hayes, 2006 - Present, Circle City Rollers

In 2006 I started coaching Circle City Rollers because my son was so passionate about the sport. I’ve always been involved in athletics and understand strategies and tactics and wanted to be a part of my son’s athletic career. It has grown in to so much more than his career it’s become a life changing journey for not only my family but everyone involved in Power Soccer.

I have been very blessed over the years in this sport with a lot of success on the court but being able to meet so many great people is the best part of this sport





2006 – 3rd place at nationals

2007 – 1st place D1 Nationals and Regionals

2008 – 2nd place D1 Nationals; Regionals

2009 – 1st place D1 Nationals; Regionals

2010 – 1st place D1 Nationals; Regionals

2011 – 1st place Premier Cup

2012 – 2nd place Premier Cup

2013 – 1st place Premier Cup

2014 – 3rd place Premier Cup

Assistant Coach for the 2011 World Cup Champions “Team USA”

Head Coach for the 2016 World Cup “Team USA”



Coach Curt Albertson, RHI Indy Cruisers


Coach Rich Lunseth, Indy Storm


Coach Denny Crum, 2008, Henry County Hot Shots


Coach Jim Labas, Turnstone Flyers


Coach David Keiser, Turnstone Furioss Flyers


Coach Mike Kempf, 2014, RHI Inferno


Coach Grace Kestler, 2014-Columbus Warriors


Coach Clair Kubiesa, 2014, Ball State Cardinals