The mission of North River Lacrosse is to allow boys and girls with enthusiasm for lacrosse to play lacrosse and develop their skills throughout the summer, fall and winter.
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7th Grade Skipjacks Program:

Level Director -        Paul Abbate

Head Coaches -        Paul Abbate, Lucas Harmory

Asst Coaches -         Matt McCullough, TBD


Expected Number of Teams:

  • TWO 


Staff Summary:

Paul has been with us since the beginning.  He has been a head coach and level director at basically every youth grade over the years and the don't come any better than him.  He is experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared; and those kids/families lucky enough to play for him will get the best experience Skipjacks can offer.


Summary of Objectives:

Things start to come together at this age level as players ability AND overall lax IQ increase.  Coaches will throw a lot more at the kids and they usually respond.  We begin to focus more on situational awareness, positional responsibility, and overall lax IQ.



It is important to note that our Skipjacks teams are an All-Inclusive program...  Not A La Cart.  Meaning families do not pick and choose what events or seasons they will participate in and/or pay for.  We stress player development, and core to that development is the player's commitment to his team, teammates, and coaches.  We keep things as flexible as we can to accommodate other sports (and do want the kids playing other sports), but do ask for 3-season commitment.


FALL SEASON:  Focus on team-building/bonding, skill development, and game strategy and concepts, and having a blast at the fall tournaments.

  • 4 weekly practices (probably Mon nights in Oct)
  • TWO one-day tournaments in Nov (probably Columbus Day and Nov 15).

WINTER SEASON:  Focus on skill development.  And we'll try to have a little fun too!

  • 12 Weekly Skills with Skipjack Skills Coaches– Probably Wednesday Evenings
  • 6 Bi-weekly Team Practices – Probably Friday Afternoons

SUMMER SEASON:  Focus on putting all the pieces together and competing at the highest level we can throughout the summer tournament schedule.

  • 5-6 Team Practices
  • 3 Weekend Tournaments