The mission of North River Lacrosse is to allow boys and girls with enthusiasm for lacrosse to play lacrosse and develop their skills throughout the summer, fall and winter.
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How Will Tryouts Work?


We will have 2 separate high school tryouts.  Our 9th graders (2018’s) will have their own tryout, and the 10th/11th graders will have their own tryout.


9th Grade Tryouts:

  1. Our 9th grade evaluators will select the top 4-5 attackman, 7-8 middies, 1or2 Goalies, and 6 long poles to make up to make up our ONE Freshman team (2108).
  2. The remaining freshman will be ranked and added to the pool of kids available to make our JV Team (White team).  Most likely, the next 10-15 remaining freshman will be placed on our white team with the handful of sophomores that fell just outside our Varsity teams.


10th/11th Grade Tryouts:

  1. Our 10th/11th grade evaluators will select the top 38-40 kids to make up to make up our Varsity Teams (Skipjacks BLUE and GREEN Teams).  Would likely be 10 attackman, 14 middies, 2-4 Goalies, and 12 long poles. 
  2. If there are remaining 10th Graders NOT chosen for our Varsity level teams, we will evaluate this pool of players and select a few of the strongest to play on our JV level White Team (with the highest ranked 9th graders that didn’t make the top 9th grade team).


♦♦ For the kids that make the Varsity Teams - As with all our Skipjacks teams, we will wait until late in the fall (just before our Yale tournament) to select our Blue and Green team tournament rosters. 


CLICK HERE to see how the teams are structured


How Will Practice Work?

The varsity players will practice together (Blue and Green teams).  

The 9th Grade team and the JV team (White team) will practice together.