The mission of North River Lacrosse is to allow boys and girls with enthusiasm for lacrosse to play lacrosse and develop their skills throughout the summer, fall and winter.
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The New High School Skipjacks Team Structure


Assuming we get the turnout we expect at tryouts, we will organize the teams as follows (see below).  We believe this model gives us the most flexibility as we manage all levels of our high school personnel to navigate the different tournament options and the development and showcasing needs of ALL our players (specific to each grade and ability level).

It is important to note that these teams/players will be practicing together throughout the year and many players will have the opportunity to play “up” and “down” across the different levels as we fill (and backfill) teams for different high school tournaments and team showcases…


We will have FOUR High School Level Skipjacks Teams Next Year:

  • ONE 2018 team (Freshman)
  • TWO Varsity teams - Blue (AA) and Green (A)
  • ONE JV team (White)


The Freshman Team:  The top 9th graders will make up our 9th Grade Skipjacks Team (for this upcoming year that would be 2018’s).

Approximately 19-20 kids will be on this team. They will play in tournaments as a freshman (2018) team (no change here).


The Varsity Teams (38-40 Players):  

The top forty 10th and 11th graders will be invited to play in our varsity program.  Our 40 varsity players will practice together and have the same (4) coaches, but come tournament time (Yale in the fall, and all our summer tournaments), we will split into 2 teams:

The BLUE Team (AA):  This will be the top players in the program.  It will likely be mostly juniors with some advanced sophomores.  They will go to the Upper (or Varsity) divisions at most tournaments.

The GREEN Team (A): This will be where the next level of players fit.  This team will likely be mostly strong sophomores with some juniors who just missed the cut for our Blue team.  They will play in the middle brackets in most tournaments.

Important to note: These varsity teams will be practicing together and will have the same coaches.  The delineation between who is on The Blue Team and who is on The Green Team only happens at the tournaments and perhaps during some portions of the full-field summer practices (when we split personnel to work on certain things).

The JV Team -  WHITE Team (20 players):

The freshman players that fell just outside the 9th Grade Team and sophomores that fell just outside our varsity program will make up this team.  They will practice with the 9th Grade team and be coached just as hard (by the same coaches) with the same overriding goals.  They will play in the lower bracket at most tournaments.