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PCAA By-Laws and Organizational Structure







SECTION 1. The name of this association shall be the Pineville Community Athletic Association (hereinafter referred to as PCAA).




SECTION 1. The PCAA is a cooperative, non-profit organization maintained for the purpose of accomplishing the objectives set forth in these By-Laws.  It is expressly provided that none of the income or assets of the PCAA shall inure to the personal benefit of any individual member.

SECTION 2. PCAA is a recreational athletic organization providing all children with the opportunity to have fun, find the winner in them through discipline, teamwork, practice and competitive skills training thus enabling every child of the community to have a safe place to play and learn through the active and healthy lifestyle of athletics.


SECTION 3. In addition to providing recreational athletics, it is the intent of this organization to provide an advanced level of competition in each organized recreational sport offered by tempering good relationships with other athletic associations; providing All-Star opportunities for qualified players; and strengthening relationships with local travel teams.


SECTION 4. Cooperation with the surrounding community is paramount. This association will strive to maintain a solid relationship with the local community and its appointed representatives.


SECTION 5. All adult members of PCAA are encouraged to donate their time and energy as volunteers to help realize the Guiding Principles outlined in this charter. All volunteers who are involved with PCAA are to work for the protection, guidance, well-being and welfare of all participating players.




SECTION 1. The programs of the PCAA shall be developed through meetings, committees, and projects.


SECTION 2. PCAA’s daily operations are governed by a group of written PCAA Policies. These written policies are designed to give structure and accountability to the association’s operation while also giving the association the flexibility to evolve and respond to unforeseen changes to the environment in which it operates.


SECTION 3. All the written PCAA policies are published and made available to any Active Member.


SECTION 4. The PCAA Board of Directors (BOD) can update, interpret and amend the written PCAA Policies via a Full Board Vote.




SECTION 1. PCAA is open to all potential players, their parents, guardians and interested adults of the community, regardless of race, creed, or religion. Potential members must meet the requirements established by these Bylaws.


SECTION 2. Membership requirements are as follows:


1.    Participating Member- Any registered minor actively participating in a PCAA sanctioned program. The associate’s membership term begins on the date of his/her registration and expires 12 months from the date of registration.


2.    Active Member- Any parent or adult guardian of a Participating Member.



3.    Non-Active Member- Any parent or adult guardian of a participating member who is no

       longer “in good standing” due to unpaid financial obligations or sanctions by the BOD  

       according to PCAA Policy on Conduct Detrimental to PCAA.


4.    Special Member- Any adult coach or volunteer that is approved as an association

       member by the BOD according to PCAA Policy on Special Membership.



SECTION 3. No Compensation of any kind will be given to any member for their active volunteer role within the association unless the member is contracted as a business owner or vendor to perform labor or provide supplies that the association would otherwise be required to purchase from an outside source.

SECTION 4 Fee recommendations are to be established by the current BOD based on projected expenditures. If the BOD votes to increase the fees for Pineville town residents the recommended changes and budget will be given to the Town of Pineville Mayor and Council for approval.


SECTION 5. Financial Aid and scholarships will be provided with proper documentation such as but not limited to the free or reduced lunch program. PCAA wi11 provided a minimum of 10 scholarships per year. Pineville residents will have priority over non-residents. Scholarships will be distributed evenly amongst age groups according to PCAA Policy on Scholarships/Financial Aid.


SECTION 6. Monetary refunds are dispersed to members according to PCAA Policy on Refunds.


SECTION 7. Registration for PCAA programs takes place according to PCAA Policy on Registration.




SECTION 1. PCAA shall be managed by a Board of Directors (BOD) The PCAA Board of Directors consists of:



             Vice President - Operations


             Community Advocate


            Administration & Communication Manager

            Fundraising Manager

            Registration Manager

            Marketing Manager


            Baseball (and similar structure for each additional sports program)

            Vice President Baseball

            Vice President/Commissioner Softball

            Fields & Equipment Manager

            Commissioner of Babe Ruth

            Commissioner of Majors/Minors

            Commissioner of Rookie

            Commissioner of T-Ball


SECTION 2. Each BOD Member:


1.    Must be 18 years of age or older and an Active Member or Special Member of PCAA.


2.    Must not use their position to the detriment of PCAA or to their own benefit. 


3.    May be removed from their board position by a Full Board Vote of the BOD whenever in    

       their judgment the best interests of PCAA will be served by the removal with the 

       exception of the PCAA President and Town appointed positions. If the BOD feels a town

       appointed positions needs to be changed the BOD must vote to bring their concerns to   

       the Town of Pineville Mayor and Council and the appointees can only be removed with

       their approval.


SECTION 3. The following BOD positions are elected to two (2) year terms. To maintain

continuity within the BOD election of 2 year BOD members is staggered in odd and even years


            President – Permanent Appointed Position

            Vice President – Operations (even years)

            Treasurer - (even years)

            Administration & Communication Manger (secretary) – Permanent Appointed (odd years)

            Registration Manager (even years)

            Fundraising Manager (odd years)

            Marketing Manager (even years)

            Community Advocate – Appointed (even years)

            Fields & Equipment Manager (even years)


SECTION 4. The following BOD positions are elected annually to one (1) year terms.


           Vice President Baseball

           Vice President/Commissioner of Softball

           Commissioner of Babe Ruth

           Commissioner of Majors/Minors

           Commissioner of Rookie

           Commissioner of T-Ball


SECTION 5. Any BOD positions left unfilled after the BOD election process has been completed can be filled by appointment by the BOD with the exception of the Administration & Communication Manager (secretary) and Community Advocate. Positions filled by appointment must be filled via a Full Board Vote of the BOD. Duties of any BOD positions that remain unfilled will be distributed amongst existing BOD members. BOD members may hold multiple positions on the board.


SECTION 6 Committee Chairs are appointed by a Full Board Vote of the BOD. Committee Chairs should be nominated by an existing BOD member. Committee chairs may include, but are not limited to those listed in PCAA Policy on Committees. One member of each subcommittee must be Town of Pineville resident or town representative. Committee Chairs can attend BOD meetings by request and/or invitation according to the PCAA Policy on Committees.


SECTION 7 Any BOD Member can nominate an Active Member to become an assistant to his/her position. A Full Board Vote of the BOD is required to approve a BOD assistant. A BOD assistant can be assigned tasks that would normally be completed by the BOD Member. Assistant to town appointed position must also be Town of Pineville residents. The Assistant can attend Board meetings in place of the BOD member but has no voting privileges. The BOD Assistant can also attend BOD meetings by request and/or invitation according to the PCAA Policy on BOD Assistants.


SECTION 8. Any BOD member of the Board who shall cease to hold membership in the PCAA shall cease to be a member of the Board of Directors excluding appointed board members and their delegates.


SECTION 9. The Town of Pineville Parks and Recreation Director at the request of, in the absence, disability, or resignation of the President, shall act in his stead.  


SECTION 10 All officers shall perform the duties outlined in these By-Laws, in the written PCAA Policy on Board member Responsibilities and those assigned during the course of their term in office and shall deliver to their successors all official materials prior to the meeting at which the new officers preside.



SECTION .1 General Membership Meetings


1.The BOD will schedule two (2) General membership meetings each year. The Summer

   annual meeting will be scheduled in June or July, the Winter annual meeting will be

   scheduled in October or November. Additional General membership meetings may be

   called by a Full Board Vote of the BOD (Board of Directors).


2.Notice of any General Membership meetings must be given to the membership in

   accordance with PCAA Policy on Internal Communication.


3.Each Active Member shall be entitled to one vote on each item brought before the

   membership during all general meetings.


4.Absentee and proxy votes will not be accepted.


5.At any General Membership Meeting any issues that require a vote by the membership

   during such a meeting will pass or fail on a simple majority vote of the Active Members in



SECTION 2. Board of Directors’ Meetings


1. Meetings of the BOD are scheduled on a quarterly basis to facilitate the business of

    properly operating PCAA.


2. Additional BOD meetings may be scheduled on an “as needed” basis.


3. Board meetings are scheduled by the President and notice of any BOD meetings must be

   given to the BOD & membership in accordance with PCAA Policy on Internal



4. A board meeting can also be scheduled by the request of three (3) current board members.

    Once requested the President must schedule the meeting and give the required notice to

    BOD members.


5. Each board member except the President has 1 vote on all issues brought before the board

    regardless of the number of BOD positions held. Absentee/proxy votes are allowed in

    accordance with PCAA Policy on Absentee/Proxy Votes.


6. The President will only cast a vote if required to break a tie.


7. Any board member should recuse themselves from voting on issues which could directly

    benefit or impact the board member or their family.


8. Any board member must recuse themselves from voting on issues which could

    financially impact the board member or their family.


9. BOD Meetings require a Quorum to officially undertake PCAA business.


10. A quorum requires a minimum of 2/3 of the BOD be present or represented by proxy.   

      When determining if a quorum exists the number of BOD members x 2/3 is rounded   

      down to the next whole number.


11. A simple majority is required to carry a vote unless otherwise specified within the PCAA By laws or PCAA Policies.


12. BOD votes are divided into two (2) categories. Unless otherwise specified within the PCAA By Laws or PCAA Policies all board votes are Quorum votes.

a.    Category 1 Full Board Vote - requires all members of the BOD cast a vote.

b.    Category 2 Quorum Vote – requires a quorum of BOD members be in attendance and  



13. Any active member may attend a BOD meeting by submitting a written request in accordance with PCAA Policy on BOD Meetings. It is the responsibility of the President to notify all BOD members should an Active member make such a request.




SECTION 1. BOD elections will take place during the Winter General Meeting. 


SECTION 2. Each Active Member shall be entitled to one vote in the election of each member

of the BOD. BOD election will be by secret ballot.


SECTION 3. Absentee and proxy votes will not be accepted.


SECTION 4. BOD members are elected by a simple majority vote of the Active Members in



SECTION 5. Each General Member shall be entitled to make one nomination per open seat for

BOD Elections.


SECTION 6. Nominations must be made in person at the General membership Meeting

1.    Nominees must be Active or Special Members of the General Membership.

2.    Nominees must be present and accept the nomination in person.

3.    Joint or “co” nominations are not allowed.




SECTION 1. Various committees may need to be convened annually to facilitate the daily

operation of PCAA. Duties of such committees and requirements for chairmanship &

membership are outlined in PCAA Policy on Committees.


SECTION 2. Committees will be convened when volunteers are available to staff them and the

BOD deems them necessary for the continued operation of PCAA.


SECTION 3. New committees can be added to those listed in the written PCAA policy when the

BOD deems it necessary and creates required addendum to the written PCAA policy.





SECTION 1. In the event of the dissolution of PCAA, the assets of PCAA shall be

turned over to a third party group that will continue to offer youth sports with the approval of

Pineville Town Council. If no third party group exists or an agreement cannot be reached all

funds will be turned over to the Town of Pineville with the stipulation that the funds be used

for youth athletics, playgrounds and/or parks in the Town of Pineville.




SECTION 1. These By-Laws may be amended at any Annual General Meeting of the PCAA

should amendments be presented to the membership by the BOD. 




SECTION 1. Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws any question of parliamentary

order arising in the course of the conduct of any meeting of the PCAA shall be resolved

pursuant to the latest revised edition of "Robert's Rules of Order".




SECTION 1. Any question as to the meaning or proper interpretation of any of the provisions

of these By-Laws or any written PCAA Policy shall be determined by the BOD via Full Board





  • The Town of Pineville will provide a Volunteer program/Code of Conduct with policies and procedures that all PCAA volunteers must fall under.
  • Town of Pineville staff will help assist PCAA with any information that is needed for grant information.



  • The Town of Pineville agrees to provide fields for PCAA at Pineville Elementary School and pay for construction costs.
  • The Town of Pineville agrees to give PCAA $10,000 annually to offset their cost which will be renewed on an annual basis but Pineville Town Council.
  • PCAA will be in charge or all facility mountainous including but not limited to: prepare all fields for recreation play, turf maintenance, mowing, edging, seeding, fertilization and aeration, drainage repairs, maintenance or repairs to fences, seating, walkways, lights, storage buildings and restrooms. 
  • The Town of Pineville has the right to rent the facilities at Pineville Elementary after or before the Spring and Fall seasons.
  • The Town of Pineville agrees to make the fields available to PCAA coaching staff when not otherwise in use for drop-in coaching sessions during the season.
  • The Town of Pineville agrees to allow PCAA use of concession facilities during recreation play.
  • PCAA agrees to clean all concession facilities at the end of each use.



  • PCAA agrees to register participants for each activity and fairly assign each participant to the appropriate team.
  • PCAA will provide the Town of Pineville all registration and fee data at the completion of each registration for each sport within 14 days of registration completion.


Resident vs. Non-Resident Fees

  • All Town of Pineville residents will receive a discount on all registration fees through PCAA youth athletics, once PCAA is able to play at new fields.  PCAA will also waive the annual $35 family fee, to be renamed the field usage fee, for all Pineville residents. 


Scheduling / League Administration

  • PCAA agrees to recruit and assign all volunteer coaches to each team for recreation play.
  • PCAA agrees to obtain background checks on all coaches and provide verification of such to the Town of Pineville before the start of each season.
  • PCAA agrees to provide umpires/referees and scorekeepers for all games for recreation play.
  • PCAA agrees to provide uniforms for participants if necessary.
  • PCAA agrees to provide all equipment for each sport (ex:  balls, bats and other protective gear).
  • The PCAA agrees to submit all practice, game and tournament schedules to the Town of Pineville before practices begin or distributing to teams.
  • The Town of Pineville agrees to provide set dates when practices and games may start for each sport along with the number of weeks and / or practices allowed after that start date for recreation play.