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Mullen High School and/or Mullen Baseball do not take any responsibility for the quality of instruction or accuracy of information for the following links to baseball camps and/or showcases:

If you have attended any of the showcases or camps listed below, or others not listed, please write a summary and submit it to the Mullen Baseball Board so we can include the information to help others.

October/November/December/January Showcases and College Camps.

* This list is not everything available but just a small assortment of options available.

** When looking at which is best for you (or your son) consider what your goal is when attending:

  • Position Specific skills like pitcher/catcher?
  • Exposure? (Are you hoping to be seen or have you contacted the coaches attending in advance so they specifically look at/for you at the event)
  • Cost/Hour 

If you know what the goal/purpose is for going to a camp or showcase, you will be more likely to consider the $ well spent.  (For example:  If it costs $1500 total to go to a showcase to get 6 innings in the field, 3 AB’s, 2 innings pitched, etc., is that money well spent at the current age/stage of ability of your player?







Prep Baseball Report is primarily Mid Western States.  It does not include/promote FL, TX, CA, etc.   

There is some information available to all, but they are a subscription based information provider.




Per J.H.:  Perfect Game will score/rank players based on their 'PROJECTABILITY' to play professional baseball and then apply a score on where they may fit playing college baseball.  For example... a 6' 3" player is more projectable than a 5' 10" player and even though the shorter player could currently be better... professional coaches can't teach height and so the taller player will often get a higher rating.  If your player has high speed or high velocity, that is a tool that is and will help their reports.

There is a showcase somewhere in the country almost 2X per month.  The "Rocky Mountain Showcase" is in late May down at Double Angel.  The link will take you to the schedule of showcases.  Cost is usually about $600 for the showcase and you need to request an invitation as some of the 'National' showcases are very selective.  


  • Perfect Game showcases include measurement in all of your primary areas.  You do not pay extra to get a velocity reading if you pitch and play OF for example (like the showcases above).
  • You participate in 2 'games' of 10 innings.  Each pitcher will throw 2 innings (they record velocities for FB and your other pitches.  Batters should get 3 or 4 ABs for Perfect Game to further evaluate your hitting.


  • They video tape your 60, POP, velocities, everything.  A lot like school pictures... they take them of everyone, but you pay for the package you want.  Getting the video on the Perfect Game player link is an extra fee.  You can video your own player and put a short video on YouTube for free.


  • Perfect Game posts your highest velocity readings and best times.  When you do your IF/OF/POP times, don't worry about accuracy.  THROW THE BALL AS HARD AS YOU CAN (without injuring yourself) as this will get the best reading on the radar gun.  They do not measure accuracy.  This is observed in the games.  Colleges are looking at strength and power and believe they can coach accuracy






3rd Annual CO Winter Top 96 College Coaches Prospect Camp



Per J.H.:  My son attended this camp for 2 years.  The instruction goes for 7 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday (time does not include check in and lunch).  IT IS SOLID INSTRUCTION from MULTIPLE COLLEGE COACHES and very well run and organized.  There were at least 30 different colleges from the east there to help (no other SEC or ACC schools) and ‘look and see’ as they communicate it is not a showcase but a skills camp.  However, there are coaches scouting there for sure.  I could have justified the cost of the trip on Coach Tim Corbin's speech to the attendees (Players and Parents) at the end of the camp.

Cost is $375 for 13 hours of instruction + Hotel + Airfare.



December 20-22, 2014 in Orange, CA is the West Coast World Series Collegiate Showcase Camp.  ShowBall guarantees 50 schools and lists the schools and coaches.  (With this list, you can go to the school website and send the coach an email introduction with video link to let him know you will be there) $695 + airfare + hotel

December 20-21, 2014 in Fort Myers, FL is THE MEGA CAMP Collegiate Showcase Camp.  ShowBall guarantees 90 schools and lists the schools and coaches.  (Again… you could email the coaches of the schools you are interested in) $795 + airfare + hotel

Read the disclaimers… There are no guarantees that you’ll receive a scholarship or play Division I baseball, but there is a guarantee that you’ll receive a fair opportunity to display your skills and be seen.


ECB – East Coast Baseball CAMPS

January 9-10, 2015 for Pitchers/Catchers

January 10-11, 2015 for Position players

This camp is in Virginia at an indoor facility.  The 15-20+ coaches they have there are high level coaches at some pretty high level schools.  The cost is $375 for 2 days (4 hours each day) + airfare + hotel

Welcome to College Baseball Camps

Here you'll find college-based baseball camps, showcases and training from all across the USA. Each camp is hosted directly by the coaches and staff at each of the following schools. CBC has the most complete selection of College hosted baseball camps anywhere in the world, Elite College Baseball Clinics, High School Baseball Showcases, College Prospect Camps & College Showcases nationwide.