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We are pleased to present our third season of Danbury Sports Dome Softball Tournaments, featuring full-size, indoor softball fields, unrestricted by walls or ceilings. Our 120,000 square foot Dome can run two games simultaneously with ceilings 95 feet high.

You'll find details listed below following the photos of the teams that played in the finals of this past season's tournaments. 

Age Groups: 12U, 14U, 16U/18U

**Team Awards and Medals will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place in each competition**

Congratulations to the Connecticut Mayhem Gold who defeated the Connecticut Fury-Legends in the championship game of the 3rd Annual 16U/18U Holiday Swansong softball tournament!


(Pictured: Connecticut Mayhem Gold & Connecticut Fury-Legends - Championship Teams)

Congratulations to the Southington Lightning who took home 1st place and defeated the New JerseyVipers in the championship game of the 2nd Annual 12U Spring Warm-up Marathon Softball Tournament!


Congratulations to the Connecticut Seahawks, victors over the Xtreme Chaos, to take the championship of the 10U Springfest Marathon Softball Tournament!
Congratulations to Ridgefield, playoff champions of the Dome's inaugural ten-week winter League season, who defeated the Empire State Huskies 3-1. The Huskies advanced to the finals by defeating Trumbull 10-9 in an epic ten-inning semi-final in which the score was tied 6-6 as time expired and the teams traded blows in five tie-breaker innings. Meanwhile, Ridgefield reached the final, winning 6-5, as they held off a valiant comeback effort by Fairfield Ludlowe.
(Pictured: Huskies & Ridgefield)
Congratulations to the Rhode Island Bombers Elite for being crowned champion of the 2nd annual 14U Presidents’ Day Challenge Softball Tournament! The Bombers defeated the Empire State Huskies in the championship game.

(Pictured: Rhode Island Bombers Elite & Empire State Huskies - Championship Teams)



Congratulations to Team Long Island who defeated the Connecticut Titans in the championship game of the 2nd annual 14U Beat-The-Winter-Doldrums Softball Tournament!

(Pictured: Team Long Island & The Connecticut Titans - Championship Teams)


Due to the ever-increasing demand for field usage, we're providing anticipated game times for each of the tournaments that are detailed below. Based on the number of teams who register to participate, some times might change slightly- aiming to begin early-morning play later and/or end late-evening play earlier than listed whenever possible. 

Traditional Tournaments

One, two, or three day tournaments with a minimum of 4 games. All games will have 2 umpires.  


3rd Annual Holiday Swansong (16U/18U)($795/team):                                *COMPLETED*

Wed.- Fri., December 27-29: 

Game Times: 7am- 7pm

Max Number of Teams: 16

Registration Deadline: Dec. 15

Reunite with your college freshmen! Unlike the other tournaments in this year’s schedule where player eligibility is determined by ages for the 2018 outdoor season, this tournament’s player eligibility is by ages for the past 2017 outdoor season.  This tournament is designed to enable players who have completed their 18U eligibility to participate with their long-time teammates – some of whom they’ve played with for many years - one final time over the holidays. 


3rd Annual Presidents Day Challenge (14U) ($795/team): 


Mon., February 19, 2018: 

Game Times: 7:30am- 10:30pm

Max Number of Teams: 6

Registration Deadline: Feb. 2

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this competition please email info@danburysportsdome.com with all your contact information. 


Spring Breakout (12U) ($795/team): 


Sun., April 8:  

Game Times: April 8: 7:30am- 6:30pm

Max Number of Teams: 6

Registration Deadline: Mar. 23


Marathon Challenges

Three-date tournaments involving 8 teams with a 4-team round robin on one date, another round robin involving a second set of 4 teams on a second date, and concluding with a seeded single-elimination playdown involving all 8 teams on a third date. All games with 2 umpires. 

Note: When registering online please indicate in the comments section your preference for which round-robin date your team wishes to play. We will honor preferences on a first-reserved basis whenever possible. 

3rd Annual Beat-the-Winter Doldrums (14U)($795/team):


Saturdays January 6 and February 3, with Championship Playdown on March 3: 

Game Times: Jan. 6 & Feb. 3: 7pm- 11:30pm

                        March 3: 6pm- 11:30pm

Max Number of Teams: 8

Registration Deadline: Dec. 22

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this competition please email info@danburysportsdome.com with all your contact information. 


3rd Annual Spring Warm-up (12U) ($795/team):  


Saturdays January 20 and February 17, with Championship Playdown on March 17: 

Game Times: Jan. 20 & Feb. 17: 7pm- 11:30pm

                        March 17: 6pm- 11:30pm

Max Number of Teams: 8

Registration Deadline: Jan. 5

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this competition please email info@danburysportsdome.com with all your contact information. 


2nd Annual Springfest (10U) ($795/team):   


Sunday, March 25 and Saturday, March 31, with championship play down on Saturday, April 7: 

Game Times: March 25: 10am- 3pm

                        March 31: 6pm- 11pm

                        April 7: 4:30pm- 10:30pm 

Max Number of Teams: 8

Registration Deadline: Mar. 16

If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this competition please email info@danburysportsdome.com with all your contact information. 


High School Winter Softball League 2019



Tournament Registration Procedure

Each tournament will accept to the maximum number of teams stated above. If the competition you wish to enter is full please send your information to info@Danburysportsdome.com to be placed on the waiting list. 

We will accept registrations with FULL PAYMENT on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.

Tournament formats will include three pool play games with all teams advancing to the seeded single-elimination rounds. For both formats, games will be 1hr 15mins, no-new-inning except for the full-length championship games.


Reservation/Payment Alternatives [Please read carefully]

1.  On-line registration. The quickest way to register.  (Requires credit card payment)

2.  Fax registration. Requires a credit card to process or to hold a spot for the arrival of a check. (No more than 7 days later). The fax number is (203) 456-3340.

3.  Mail registration. Mail check payable to Danbury Sports Dome, 25 Shelter Rock Lane,

   Danbury, Connecticut 06810.

Waiting List: Contact us at or call 203 778 3663 providing a credit card or send in a check. If a slot opens, we will contact teams in the order received and process the payment. No payment will be processed until an opening becomes available and the team accepts it in writing via an e-mail to info@danburysportsdome.com


Tournament Cancellation Policy [Please read carefully]

Although we try to work with all teams that enter our events, it is important to understand the problems that are created when a team registers for an event and then does not follow through with their commitment to participate.  When you enter a tournament, we make a commitment to you. We expect the same type of commitment in return. These instances not only affect our organization but every other organization that has made a commitment to play. Therefore, the following Cancellation Policy is in effect:

  • All cancellations must be received in writing via e-mail to info@danburysportsdome.com and you must make sure you receive confirmation via email from the Danbury Sports Dome. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.
  • Teams that cancel out of an event more than 30 days prior to the start of the event will be issued either a refund check or a refund back to the credit card for the full amount of the entry fee minus a $50 administrative fee if the tournament is canceled or we find a replacement team to sign up and pay in their place. Alternatively, the team may opt to have their tournament fee credited to signing up for a tournament later in the season by paying the $50 administrative fee.
  • Inside 30 days, there will be no refunds from the Danbury Sports Dome.


Danbury Sports Dome reserves the right to determine which tournaments will proceed based on registrations. 

If your team requires hotel accommodation please contact us for more information. 


Any questions contact: