Question #1

Why does AYLA not go by grad year for your teams?

Generally when you go by grad year you will end up with a few high end players and some “roster fillers” to complete the team.  In these scenarios, it makes competitiveness even more difficult than normal against the top level competition your daughter will face at the National Recruiting Tournaments.  Also, going by grad years stunts the growth of top level players when the competition level for their grad year is not up to their level of ability.  Playing in the “Open” or “Mixed” divisions allow athletes to play against the very best regardless of the year in school and College Coaches get a better look as to what a player can really do. 



What makes our coaches better?


All of our coaches are Lacrosse Professionals.  Each coach on our National teams have lacrosse as their primary careers.  Currently we have College Coaches, Lacrosse branding experts, manufactures and Lacrosse Club Executives.  Our coaches’ focus in life is lacrosse and the building of the sport through passing their knowledge along.  All of the coaches on staff have had a proven track record of developing and coaching on the high school and the college level and all of our coaches are head coaches for their respective programs.  Moreover, our coaches put the future well-being of the athletes ahead of the win-loss record, but with that being said our program is the most successful on the highest level in the State of Illinois.  


Why doesn’t AYLA have a lot of Division 1 commitments?

While it is true we don’t have a lot of Division 1 commitments, we do have many Division 1 recruits.  As a travel team we receive between 3-5 Division 1 letters each year, but we DO NOT EVER try to influence a player’s decision to play at a school.  If a player says that she isn’t interested, that is where the conversation ends.  We have more players playing in college than any other Illinois/Wisconsin Club and when we say play, we mean players actually seeing significant playing time and contributing to her college team. 


I see a lot of travel clubs that say they are the best. What makes you the best and how can you prove that?

This is easy, going back our 5 years our Cool Stick Black Team which is now our only HS travel team “AYLA Elite” (we used to have an A and a B team, B being Cool Stick Orange), our Black team has had a head to head winning record vs every other Illinois/Wisconsin Club team we have played. Also, we have more players playing at the NCAA/NAIA level than any other program with a fraction of the teams. Also, we are the ONLY Illinois/Wisconsin team to play in the top divisions at the IWLCA tournaments last year (Summer/Fall). We had a record of 21-9-1 while winning the High School Division at the Great Lakes Lacrosse Invitational and being the ONLY IL/WI Team to win their division at the Indian Prairie Showdown where all other IL/WI teams were also present and playing!!