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NCAA College Recruiting Workshop described as "Dynamic, Entertaining, Informative & Relevant!"

> Saturday, May 2nd from 10am-11am

> U.C. Irvine (on-campus location, TBA)

> Online Registration Only:  www.collegesportsquest.com - "Contact Us"

> Hosted by:   Jennifer Noonan, College Sports Quest

> No cost to attend but reservations are required

*Please ONLY register for this Event if you are able to attend (check your schedules), thank you.

NCAA College Recruiting Workshop includes:

> Learn about College Recruiting; what really happens & how it works

> New NCAA Recruiting Rules (Important information about NCAA& NAIA rules, dates and deadlines)

> New NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Centers Information(Changes; 2016 and beyond)

>  How Online Recruiting Services and Recruitment Management Systems work among College Coaches

> Athletic & Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid information

> "Insider Information" about Attending College Camps

> How Social Media affects College Recruiting and You

> Learn how to MAXIMIZE your chances of getting into the "realistic" colleges of your choice

BONUS:  The College Recruiting Process, and how to get started!

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

College Sports Quest (2001-15)

(949) 673-6322




Get Invited To The Best Recruiting Events Nationwide.
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Looking for the ULTIMATE exposure to increase your chances of landing a spot on a collegiate roster? You're in luck! Adrenaline offers the most elite individual showcases and team invitationals in the country. Last year our events saw over 700 recruiters from 38 different states, with 370 different NCAA schools represented (up from 282 schools the previous year)! Don't miss your chance to play at the next level!
Prime Time Individual Showcases

Reasons to Attend:
1. Compete with and against the best players in the country
2. Showcase your skills in front of top NCAA DI, II, III & MCLA college coaches from around the country
3. Receive top level instruction in addition to recruitment
4. Receive custom Adrenaline gear
5. Every game is filmed and made available to recruiters
6. Highlight reels available for purchase to assist in the recruiting process

**Interested? Submit your Coaches Recommendations today!

Team Invitationals

Reasons to Attend:
1. Compete at the highest level against the top club teams in the nation
2. Showcase your skills in front of top NCAA DI, II, III & MCLA college coaches from around the country
3. Every game is filmed and made available to recruiters
4. Highlight reels available for purchase to assist in recruiting process

**Interested? Email Recruiting@adrln.com to reserve your team a spot today!
Black Card
Boys Showcase
Summer Team Invitational
High Rollers: Texas
High Rollers: Northwest
Fall Team Invitational





Ted Spencer's Blue Chip 225

Building Your Future

Every parent and every athlete dreams of being recruited to a top DI school.  The vision of athletic scholarship is both an honor and a financial benefit against rising college costs.   The essential reality is that being a quality lacrosse player can benefit you in college in ways that are not quite so obvious.

It's Not the Money
* High school men's lacrosse players: 170, 632
* Average scholarships per program per year: 3.15
* Average players per recruiting class: 12
* Average estimated scholarships: 26 percent
* Fully funded programs: 35
* Total scholarships available: 441
* Players receiving some scholarship over four years: 1,470
* Odds of any high school male landing any Division I scholarship: 0.86 percent


 Click here to view college lacrosse programs and their scholarship award amounts.

OK, If It's Not the Money, What is it?
Colleges have goals for the qualities they seek in students.  They use admissions and financial aids to obtain the characteristics they desire.  All colleges have the ability to select students based on factors such as having a parent who is an alumnus, musical talent, geographic origin and many other factors.  

Research has demonstrated that most broadly recruited athletes have the greatest preference in admissions.  A study at Princeton University found that this advantage ranges from 30% in many schools to up to 50% in Ivies and other highly selective schools.  In other words, you may not get more money for education, but you may get more education for the money.  The "recruited athlete's advantage" is a powerful benefit in college admissions.

Finding A College?
Ideally, you select college without regard to lacrosse and  then evaluate the programs your choice schools offer and try to be recruited.  But most often people start by looking at the lacrosse schools and seeing which fit them.

There are 69 DI programs in the country.  If your goal is DI your choice must be one of these 69.  But there are some of these which you rule out by location, program, or other reason.  So your choice of college is far smaller.  Good if it works and there is a good fit.  Now that you've picked the group of colleges you want, you have to get them to want you in competition with the other 40,000 in your graduation year.  

Now look at the DII schools, (59 of these).  They have fewer maximum scholarships, but they offer quality play and another set of schools to find your favorite school.  Check these out and add the ones you like to your list of recruiting efforts.  

The status and glory go to the DI and DII winners of athletic scholarships, but there are many reasons to look at the more than 223 DIII schools.  There are great colleges in this group spread widely around the country, and there are many reasons to choose a DIII program.  While DIII schools can't give athletic scholarships, the total financial package may rival that of other divisions, and is not subject to year to year athletic performance.

And there many people stop looking at college lacrosse, but they miss a large part of college lacrosse in the MCLA - the non-NCAA programs of more than 200 colleges across the US and Canada.  Offered in two divisions, (I  and II), these programs are competitive, and represent some high quality colleges in a wide geographic area.

In finding the college that is the best fit for you start your search with the broadest selection from among the more than 500 colleges fielding teams.

Blue Chip 225 Connects with Colleges
In keeping with this approach, we believe that the broader set of opportunities you have to connect with colleges the more likely you are to find (and be found by) a college which fits both your athletic and academic goals.   

Blue Chip 225 will have more than 100 colleges  from across the spectrum of divisions and areas represented at one or more of it's Showcase Sessions.  Many more will view the live webcast all-star game for each class.  Every Blue Chip 225 game is made available on video files for every college coach in the country.

Join us and make your college connections count for your future.

Ted Spencer
 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

 Rising Freshmen
 Rising Sophomores
 Rising Juniors
 Rising Seniors
July 6 - July 8, 2015
June 29 - July 1, 2015
June 29 - July 1, 2015
July 6- July 8, 2015

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Nice to meet you. I look forward to learning about your son's goals. Re our program we first set up an evaluation phone call or meeting to learn more about the student-athlete and families goals to see if it's a potential good fit to work together. Re our program and fees please review the attached slide deck which provides an overview of our ​company, recruiting education, ​ how we help and the different programs we offer * Here is also a link to a demo video and description