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FAQ about MP Cheer 



My daughter does not go to a GCISD school, can she still participate in MP Cheer? 

All girls, grades K-6th, who live in Grapevine or Colleyville can participate. Those enrolled in a private school are welcome as long as they live in the cities of either Grapevine or Colleyville. 


I forgot to register before May 31st! Is there late registration? 

Our cheer uniforms are custom fit and take 8-12 weeks to manufacture, which makes late registration hard. Please email Samantha at mustangpanthercheer@gmail.com to see if there any extra uniforms available. 


My daughter cheered in 2017, does she need to order a new uniform for the 2018 season? 

Please note, our previous uniform manufacturer is no longer in business. Because of this, we have had to find a new vendor. While we are working to keep the overall look similar, there are a few differences in the new uniform. So, beginning in Fall of 2018 we will transition to our "NEW 2018 Uniform". All NEW cheerleaders will be purchasing the "NEW 2018 Uniform". Returning cheerleaders may continue to wear their old 2017 uniform or they have the option of purchasing the "NEW 2018 Uniform". In the Fall of 2019, all cheerleaders will be required to have the "NEW 2018 Uniform". 


How long does the season last? 

The MP Cheer season is aligned with the MP Football season, which runs September thru November. 


Is there Cheer Camp? 

No. Individual squad practices will begin in August. The MP Cheer Coaches and cheerleaders will meet before the football season begins to learn cheers and dances in a small group setting. We will also be hosting a fun MP Cheer Pep Rally in August to kick-off the season. Stay tuned for details! 


When is practice? 

Cheer practice times/dates/locations will be determined by each squad. 


When and where are the games? 

Game times are dictated by the football league and will be published by the end of August. The "home" games are held at local GCISD football fields. The location of "away" games vary. 


Can my daughter cheer with her friends? How do you pick the squads? 

We primarily group squads based on age and school attended. Yes- you can enter friends requests when you register for cheer. If you don't have a friend request, that's ok, your daughter will make lots of new cheer friends. If you have a son who plays football, we will arrange it so that your daughter can cheer for his team. We do our very best to honor all squad requests! 


My daughter has never cheered before, can she participate in MP Cheer? 

Yes! Both girls with cheer experience and those new to cheer will love being a part of MP Cheer. MP Cheer is a recreational league, comprised of all types of dance/cheer abilities and skill levels. Our goal is to help build confidence and cheer/dance skills. 


Who are the Cheer Coaches? 

The Cheer Coaches are volunteers. All Cheer Coaches have passed background checks. They have a passion for teaching cheer/dance skills. They encourage and build confidence with enthusiasm and positive coaching.


Can I volunteer to help my daughter's sqaud? 

Yes! We are looking for MP Cheer Coaches be a part of the MP Cheer program. Although it is a large time commitment, it is a very rewarding experience.  If you are interested in being a MP Cheer Coach, please email Samantha at mustangpanthercheer@gmail.com 


How strict is attendance? My daughter plays another sport that has games on Saturdays too. 

We strongly encourage your daughter to come to all practices and games- her squad misses her when she is gone! However we understand that conflicts do arise and absences are always excused :)