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Purpose of this document: Step by step instructions on how to edit scores within the League Athletics Mobile Application. (Document Based on Apple IPhone Platform)

This application can be downloaded from the Apple app store for (IPhone Platform) or from the Google play (Android Platform)


After you have downloaded and installed the League Athletics Application proceed with the following steps.

  1. Open the League Athletics Application.

  1. Add the SEPYLA organization.


  1. Type in your email address and click search.

4)If your email address is listed on a league athletics site then then the option to select an organization will appear. If you have not been provisioned user access to the SEPYLA site this option may not appear. If that is the case please email for access to the site. (Please indicate your First and Last Name plus the organization you are with.)

  1. Select Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association and enter in your password. Then click save.

  1. Under the main menu select teams.


  1. Select the team you would like to add a score for.

  1. Click on the ellipsis on the upper right hand corner. See below.

  1. Then click on results.

  1. Then select on the edit button.


  1. Enter in your score and hit the submit button.

  1. Process Complete.