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What Division Should My Child Play?

For children born before September 1, 2005, your Little League age for the upcoming spring baseball season is your child's age on April 30, 2017.  So, for example, if your child is born on April 8, 2005, he or she is considered to be 12 for registration purposes for the 2017 season.  A child born on May 5, 2005 would have a League Age of 11 this season. 

For children born on or after September 1, 2005, your Little League age for 2017 is your age as of August 31, 2017.  Therefore, a child born on July 5, 2007 would have a Little League Age of 10 for 2017.  

For T-Ball eligibility, your child needs to turn 5 by August 31, 2017 even if they will be 4 during the season.  

Please adhere to the following guidelines when registering your child.  If you register your child for a division for which they are not eligible, we will move the child to the appropriate division without consulting you.  If you have a question, contact us at

T-Ball: League Age 5 or 6.  Child must be in Kindergarten or the grade-based equivalent.  

Rookie: League Age 6 or 7.  Participated in one season of T-Ball unless new to the sport or the area. 

Single A: League Age 7 or 8.  No 6-year-old children in Single A.  

Double A: League Age 8-10. 

Triple A: Must meet one of the following criteria: League Age of 10 or 11 (or even 12), or enrolled in 5th grade, or if 9-years-old, the child must be one of the most highly skilled and mature players from AA the previous year.  9-year-olds need league approval before registering for AAA. If you do not obtain league approval, we will move your child to AA.  

Majors: To play Majors, a child must meet one of the following criteria: played Majors last year, be 12-years-old, be a 6th grader, already have played 2 years of AAA, or have been one of the most highly skilled and mature players from AAA the year before, which resulted in an all-star team selection.  No exceptions.  Even if your child meets one or more of these criteria, they do NOT have to play Majors.  Last year, we had 6th graders in AAA, as well as 12-year-olds, kids playing AAA for the 3rd time, and even returning all-stars.  All had a better experience than they probably would have had in Majors, where the kids throw the ball very hard and the competition with other towns is higher.  

Juniors: League Age 13-14.   

Softball: Girls may sign up for either baseball or softball, at any level or age.  We currently offer softball teams in all divisions for girls aged 5-12.  Unlike baseball, your softball age is your age as of January 1, 2017. The division breakdowns are as follows: 

6U:      Born between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011

8U:      Born between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009

10U:    Born between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007

12U:    Born between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2005

14U:    Born between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2003

Hermosa Beach Little League is a developmental league and we feel strongly that children should not move up to a new division until they are ready physically and emotionally.  The #1 reason children do not enjoy their season is that they are placed by their parents in a division that is too difficult for them, or one in which the pitchers throw harder than which they are comfortable. Please do not select a division because that’s where your child’s friends are.  Choose the level that is most appropriate for your particular child’s age, skill set, and maturity level and trust that they will make new friends in that division. 

When in doubt, pick the lower level.  It’s better for your child’s development and safety and better for the quality of play for the league overall.  Children can always play “down” a level, assuming there are no safety concerns.  Children may only play “up” with league approval. 
HBLL reserves the right to re-assign a child to a division other than the one in which he or she is originally registered by his parent.  This is done for a variety of reasons: safety, the need for equal teams, for the development of any one particular child, to ensure that each division has the requisite number of players, or for the general well-being of the league as a whole.  A parent that is not satisfied with the assignment and no longer wishes for their child to play HBLL as a result will be entitled to a full refund.