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Scoreboard Controller Procedures

The scoreboard controller is kept on the shelf above the microwave in the northwest corner of the snack stand in a black case.  Remove the controller and plug into the base of the #1 light pole.  The #1 light pole is just south of the flag pole.  Then follow these procedures:
  1. Turn unit on.  Switch is on the back near the power cord.
  2. Controller will ask for a code…use 03 and press enter.
  3. Follow any on screen instructions.
Input any data as needed.  Balls, strikes, runs, and innings are self-explanatory.  To clear strikes and balls, press the appropriate button until each one is cleared for a new batter.  To advance innings, press inning .  If a mistake is made and you need to clear the innings to go back; press enter, inning , clear, enter.  This will take the innings back to 0 where you can then press inning until you reach the correct inning.

When finished, place controller back in black bag and return to shelf above the microwave.