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Snack Stand Instructions

Opening Snack Stand:
If you are scheduled to open the Snack Stand, make sure you sign-in, plug in all appliances (coffee maker, hot water heater, popcorn maker), raise flag on flag pole, and then wash your hands.  
  • Start making coffee: Turn on machine.  Wait until green light comes on (about 15 minutes) and then put paper filter in basket, add 1 package ground coffee and insert basket into holder. Make one pot of regular and one pot of decaf (unless it’s a very warm day) and pour into labeled thermos dispensers.  Make additional pots to replenish as needed. Turn on burners for all full pots on machine.  Set out tray and basket of “condiments” – sugars, creamers, cups/lids, stirrers.  NOTE:  Use coffee cups for hot beverages only.
  • Wash out the orange Igloo water container and fill ¾way with tap water and the rest with ice.  Place container on the top of the SS counter closest to the grill. Place a stack of small 5 oz. paper cups next to igloo container. Refill water, ice and cup holder as needed.  NOTE:  Use 5 oz. paper cups for water only.  All paper goods are stored underneath the popcorn table or in the storage room.
  • Make sure drink cooler is fully stocked - replenish with cans/bottles from store room and/or rotate cold drinks to front and place warm drinks in back. (NOTE: RESTOCKING THE DRINKS IS AN ALL DAY/ALL SHIFT DUTY.)
  • Fill the condiment tray with utensils and condiments, then place at the grilling station and fill the napkin dispensers (there are more dispensers underneath the table) as needed.
  • Hang the large red and blue menu board on the peg outside the SS to the left of the front door. Display the menus in the plastic sheaths for the drinks, snacks and ice cream on the SS counter in plain sight.
  • Otter Pops: every player gets 1 otter pop after the completion of their game. They must be wearing their uniform and have just finished playing on the field. Extra otter pops can be found in the big freezer. Replenish as needed.
  • Popcorn Machine: Plug in machine and turn on all three switches (Light and Warmer, Kettle Motor and Kettle Heat). For FIRST BATCH, let kettle PREHEAT FOR 5 MINUTES. Add a half (½) stick Cocopop, 1 tablespoon Flavacol and 1 Cup popcorn kernels. DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE POPCORN MACHINE. As soon as corn has finished popping, dump kettle (make sure all popped corn is emptied out of kettle). Make 2 batches. Turn off the motor and the heating element for the popper when completed (2 switches.)
Closing Snack Stand:
  • Deposit Cash: Every shift must cash out the register.  Leave $120 in small bills ($70 in ones, $30 in fives, $20 in tens) and all change in drawer.  Count remaining money, fill-out Deposit Sheet (in black basket on counter), put in small plastic baggie and deposit into safe (left side of storage room door).
  • Restock drinks and paper goods: Refill drink fridge as needed and please put the unchilled sodas, water, Powerade and Gatorade behind the cold drinks.
  • Clean Up: Clean shelves, counter and scissors with disinfecting wipes (under table); take out trash and replace trash can liners (liners are underneath table) and sweep floor.
  • Last Shift: Put tables and pop up tent in storage shed; take down flag, fold and place on high shelf above the hand sink, bring in menu board hanging outside, restock drink fridge; unplug coffee maker; wipe off counters and table; close window (secure hasps at bottom); lock door (coaches have key).
Please leave the Snack Stand the way you would like to find it when you come in to work your shift.

All Shifts:
  • Sign-In: All parents need to sign in when they arrive for their scheduled shift (sign-in sheet is located on clipboard in metal basket between candy and coke machine).  Each family will receive one $10 “Volunteer Shift Card” per family/ per season. The card will be issued the week following the completion of their (first) shift.  
  • No-Shows: If someone does not show up for his/her shift, call Joe Terry immediately at 310-379-9822. If you can’t make your own shift, you still need to provide a replacement. Call or email your Team Parent to arrange for a substitute.
  • Otter Pops: Every player gets 1 otter pop after the completion of their game. They must be wearing their uniform and have just finished playing on the field. Extra otter pops can be found in the big freezer. Replenish as needed.
  • Policy on Kids in the Snack Stand: Only the scheduled parent is allowed in the SS unless your child is authorized to officially help out, is over the age of 10 years old, or has been asked to work a shift by the Volunteer Coordinator or someone from the HBLL Board. (***ADULTS- you have the authority to ask any kids that aren’t working or being helpful in or around the SS to leave. All parent volunteers are in charge during their shift. ***KIDS- if you aren't scheduled to work or haven't been asked to help by the scheduled parent then please stay out! Thank you.)

  • Umpires and Jr. Umpires- every umpire and Jr. umpire gets a FREE “meal deal” after their umpire duties are finished. A “meal deal” includes a hot dog/hamburger/cheeseburger, bag of chips, and one soda or regular-sized water. (If the Jr. umps want to substitute a Powerade/Gatorade for a soda, they need to pay the difference of $1.00.)