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League Guidelines & Expectations for Coaches and Parents


Small sided games have their origins in traditional street soccer.  These very competitive games, organized by the children themselves, were motivated by a love of the game and a desire to experiment with skills and tricks.  Children should play soccer for the pleasure it can bring.  Today the excesses of trophies and medals bring added pressure to win.  An over-emphasis on winning can reduce the joy to be gained from just playing the game. It is in this context that adults have a very significant role to play.

Coaches and Parents SHOULD:

  • Give positive feedback
  • Be patient
  • Ensure evenly matched games
  • Emphasize good behavior
  • Be supportive of good play from both teams
  • Show respect towards everyone

Coaches and Parents MUST NOT:

  • Shout abuse
  • Emphasize results
  • Be insulting or catty
  • Dissent with the referee