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  1. Official Game
  • An official game shall be completed 3 innings of play if game is called due to rain. A full game will be 6 innings long or when time runs out.
  • There will be a 1:15 time limit on all games. No inning shall start after 1:15 hours have officially expired.
  • If time runs out and the home team is up by more than five runs the game will be called.
  • One (1) inning of international tie breaker allowed.
  • Games can end in a tie.
  • Any game not official shall be replayed from the beginning.


  1. Playing Field
  • A 35 foot pitching mound will be used.
  • Sixty (60) foot base lines will be used.


  1. Pitching and catching
  • One pitcher or catcher may not pitch or catch more than 3 innings total per game. No more than 2 consecutive.  We are here to develop our pitchers and catchers.
  • One pitch thrown will constitute as a full inning pitched.
  • The total of 3 innings may be spread throughout the game.
  • If one pitcher pitches more than a total of 3 innings, the game will then be forfeited.
  • In the event of extra innings, any pitcher may pitch regardless of previous innings pitched.


Hit Batsman

  • A batter shall take first base when hit with pitch.
  • If a pitcher hits 3 batters in an inning (not a game), the manager must remove her. If the same pitcher hits a batter the following inning 2 times the pitcher shall be removed from that inning.  If a pitcher hits a batter a total of 5 times she will not be able to pitch anymore in that game but can play the field.


  1. Base Runners
  • Base runners may advance as many bases at their own risk on a straight steal or passed ball.  A player may continue to run on an errant throwback to the pitcher, regardless of an overthrow/errant throw from a fielder to put them out.
  1. Minimum Number of Players on Defense
  • A team must field a minimum of 7 players within 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the game. Any team not fielding at least 7 players shall forfeit the game.


  1. Runs per inning
  • Max allowable 5 runs per inning.
  1. SUBS
  • A player that moves up a division to sub for a team, that player may catch or pitch if the team needing a player doesn’t have one.  That player should still bat last in the lineup.  A player that moves laterally in the same division to sub, that player is to bat last and play in the outfield.