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                                            Crossroads Rules

1.)   Game Time 75 minutes finish the inning.  Games to start 6pm and 7:30pm  

                                   (12U and 14U to play Monday and Wednesdays) (18U Mon –Thurs)

2.)   Tie games - use international tie breaker with last recorded out on 2nd base. Up to max of 2 innings.  After completing 2 extra innings, game will be documented as a tie.

3.)   Continuous batting order

4.)   Unlimited substitution

5.)   Travel Ball players - 3 travel ball players on a team, if you have more you can add to a team after               all teams have travel players on them. (No one team can have all the travel ball players must be   distributed amongst the teams in the league)

6.)   Subs, you can call up from your younger division, borrow from another team in that age group from your town or any town in the crossroads.  They must play outfield and bat last.

7.)   Maximum number of subs is 3 for season and tournament.  You can use a travel player if you have fewer than 3 travel players playing on that team.

8.)   Late players to the game may enter put them at the bottom of the lineup, no penalty.

9.)   Players that have been removed from the line up due to injury or have to leave the field, when their bat comes, there will not be an out, just skip over. (In the event a batter is hurt and cannot finish her at bat this will be an out), if her turn at bat comes up it will not be an out.)

10.)  No Metal Spikes, if it is detected after the first pitch the girl is ejected.

11.)  Run Rule: 12U -7 runs per inning.  No run limit during end of the year tournament.  12, 10, 8 slaughter rule after 3, 4, 5.

12.)  14U & 18U- NSA Run Rule.  12, 10, 8 slaughter rule after 3, 4, 5.

13.)  Team roster deadline - 12U and 14U are due by April 15th 18U due by May 15.

14.)  Players can be added - 12U and 14U until May 18th, 18U until June 10th. (exception, if you need to add a player to have enough to have a team - Let the towns know. Say you are dropping one to add one)

15.)  Rain outs may not always be played at the field where the game was originally scheduled at.                                                     

         *A game is considered complete after the completion of three (3) completed innings.

         *A game will start over new if game is called due to rain or cold.  Umpires at the fields will make this call, not the managers.

*Each town will schedule their own rainouts.

*Schererville – if rained out on Monday, game will be made up either Thursday or Friday of that week. (If fields are available) Thursday rain out will be played Friday of that week or Tuesday of the following week.

*Crown Point-

*Cedar Lake-


16.) Year-end tournament to start No later than Monday June 19th.    18U to start June 26th                                    

*14U year-end tournament will be played in Griffith and Schererville 12U will be played in Cedar Lake and Crown Point, 18U will be spread out.

17.)  E-mail scores to:   Al August: al14aug@sbcglobal.net

18.)  All scores must be reported within 48 hours, any score not reported will be a loss for both teams.