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U19 League Rules


All girls must be of high school age and cannot include graduated seniors. Middle school girls who played on a high school team for the spring season may petition their association/high school to play in this league.

  • The 18U league will follow all high school rules. Follow this link for the NFHS rule book on the US Lacrosse web site: http://www.uslacrosse.org/rules/girls-rules.aspx
  • This league will have two certified umpires for each game. 
  • Teams are responsible for scheduling games with other teams.  Games can begin after June 5 (or the culmination of your high school season) and each team will play eight games - 4 home and 4 away that can be scheduled any day of the week by mutual agreement. 
  • Any girls participating in the state lacrosse tourney are ineligible to play until their season has officially ended.  Per MSHSL rules, there can be no high school coach contact with players the week of July 1-7, 2017.  Each team will be responsible to schedule four home games and report those to MSLax for inclusion on our web site and to get them on Arbiter for referee assignments.  They must work with other team representatives to get four away games scheduled too.  Games can be scheduled any day of the week as long as teams mutually agree.
  • This league is for existing high school programs or co-op programs if needed to complete a team.  Players need to be non-graduated high school players or 14U players who were on a high school team as long as they have permission from their league.  Teams will have the discretion to add 8th graders who were not on high school teams but they should preferably play on a 14U Level team with MSLax.  No club teams or teams formed for traveling will be allowed in this league.
  • Rosters need to be submitted prior to the first game to Kelsey Long, MSLax Vice President, at coachkelsey512@gmail.com   The form can be found on our web site at this link:  http://msslax.com/Page.asp?n=59418&org=MSSLAX.com
  • Season-ending tournament is August 4-6 at Lakeville South High School.  MSHSL approves tournaments if there are the culmination of a league.  Tournament seedings will depend on season record.
  • Regulation Stick Pocket
  • US Lax approved goggles and mouth guards to be worn at all times. The mouth piece must fully cover the upper jaw teeth and must be of a visible color (not clear or white).
  • No jewelry!
  • Per MSHSL rules, teams cannot use their high school uniforms.  Pinnies are allowed so long as they are numbered.  If you get something printed make sure it has numbers on it.
  • Home teams are responsible for providing scorer, score board, scorer's table, timer, time clock, and substitution markings (area in front of scorer's table) a medical kit, and numbered pinnies if applicable.
  • Any player who receives 2 yellow cards shall sit out the rest of the game. Coaches/Refs should report any red cards (player name & jersey number) within 24 hours under the "Game Results" tab on the MSLax website. Coaches are subject to the same red card and yellow card calls and penalties (see US Lax Women's rules). Coaches can receive red cards as a result of unruly fans. Note: Effective 2009 a team will play short from the first red card issued (3 minutes) and the carded person is ejected and cannot participate in the following game.
  • Games will be 2 - 25 minute halves with running time.  The last two minutes of each half are stop time. Each team is entitled to 2 - 2 minute time-outs per game. 5 minute half-time or as specified by umpire. NO overtime; ties are counted as ties.
  • All players must be members of US Lacrosse for insurance purposes.
  • Teams may request permission from the MSLax board to roster more youth players if the viability of the team is in question. Associations with two or more teams need to have an even mix of experienced and novice players, and need to make sure the teams are as even strength as possible.
  • Up to 3 non-team players may be substituted by a team short of players. Substitute players must meet all the above criteria, and only be used if the short team has 16 or fewer players.
  • Games may be played with fewer than 11 X 11 players (plus goalie) upon mutual agreement of coaches. Otherwise, a team short of players will forfeit.
  • If a team needs to reschedule, the coach must contact the opposing coach 48 hours or more in advance, to reschedule at a mutually agreeable time and place. The coach must notify umpires of rescheduled game. Exception to the 48 hour rule shall be made for weather related cancelations and some emergencies. If officials are not notified of a game change and arrive at the field, they are entitled to payment. If a game is called for weather and the umpires are on the field, umpires should be paid.
  • Re-scheduled game information should be reported on the web site to get information to the refs in a timely manner
  • Game scores should be reported by the winning team within 24 hours by going to the MSLax web site on the "Game Results" tab. Or follow this link: https://leagueathletics.com/UserForm.asp?RegID=17367&org=msslax.com
  • Other US Lacrosse youth A rules apply as per rule book

For more information on this level of play, please contact 18U Coordinator Peter Robson at probson@migasolutions.com or call 612-859-2332